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Trivia Internet Facts: Mind-boggling Trivia!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by meowzkingz, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. Here we go about Internet trivia:

    • Internet was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989.
    • In 2008, Internet was controlled by 30 million servers. Now this number is nearly 75 million
    • 550,000 miles of underwater cable makes the backbone of Internet
    • About one billion computers are connected to Internet
    • Overall Internet at present consists of five billion computing devices (like computers, modems, phones, routers, switches etc.) … This number will increase to 22 billion by the year 2020
    • If you remove the hardware, all that is left in the Internet is data. Internet contains unimaginably huge amount of data but all this data is estimated to be just 0.2 millionth on an ounce.
    • According to Google, Internet contains 5 million Terabytes of data. Google’s search index is about 0.004% of this.
    • Six main Internet cable landing stations are located in Tokyo, Singapore, New York, Cornwell, Southern Florida and Hong Kong.
    • Internet hub in Frankfurt (Germany) is the busiest hub. It transfers 2.5 Terabits per second.
    • USA leads the pack of nations with most Internet hubs. USA has 97 hubs, Brazil has 23 and France has 21 hubs.
    • Interestingly, Microsoft is ahead of Google in terms of number of servers owned. Microsoft has over one million servers whereas Google has 900,000.
    • Now about 3 billion people are connected to Internet. World’s total population is about 7 billion.
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