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Trivia Interesting & funny facts about men:

Discussion in 'Love' started by Yours, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. 15 Interesting Facts About Men – Women Must Know

    1. Fact About Weight

    This is the first one in the list of facts about men that women need to know. It is shown that 42% of guys say they would be less attracted to their girlfriend or wife if she gained weight. No surprise there.

    2. Fact About Cleanliness
    We all know that men are often less cleanly than women, yet one of facts about men that you will not love knowing will be revealed right here. A survey showed that 20% of single men just change their bed linens one per month. Perhaps, that is why they are single, right?

    3. Fact About ***
    According to a survey, one of interesting facts about men is relating to ***. It maintained that about 17% of men have only ever slept with one person. Well, if so, we hope that they changed their bed sheets afterward.
    On the other hand, guys are attracted to **** from a young, even very young age. They, in reality, are curious to get to know everything about the female anatomy, and they also always feel curious, even when they are in a serious relationship with a great girl. Therefore, it is one of the interesting facts about men; you should not hate him for it if it does not turn on addiction.
    Guys love ***. However, that does not mean that they are always willing and ready for it. You should not push it against a wall and expect that his package to get ready and firm in just a second. If you put too much pressure on him, then he might lose an erection.

    4. Fact About Phone

    In recent days, cell phones become a great part of the society, particularly when it comes to communicating and interacting with those potential partners. It is stressed that how crucial cell phones are in the relationships by uncovering that 1/3 of males use their own cell phones to flirt with females

    5. Fact About Sexual Partners

    Did you know that about 24% of men have had a threesome? There are many assumptions about men and ***, but most of these assumptions are based on our personal experience with them. The statistic I have uncovered above is one of the facts about men in terms of ***. However, it did not clarify whether it is 2 men/1 woman or 2 women/1 man. Just simply make sure that you clarify when your guy gets around to suggesting this to you!

    6. Fact About Strength
    Did you know that women are stronger than men? Men know it. It is pointed out that about 76% of men believe that women deal with pain better than their male counterparts.

    7. Fact About Moms
    One of the funny facts about men is about moms. We all know that men love their moms, yet did you know that they spend an average of $35 on the gift on Mother’s Day?

    8. Fact About Attraction

    If you want to know how to seduce a man in seconds, then you should know that 18% of them say the initial thing they notice about a woman is her hair. So, you do not need to ask what the answers of the other 82% are, right? Guys are attracted only by the physical appearances of a woman at the first sight. Nevertheless, it is not always about a perfect body. It can be a cute smile of the girl, the way she flicks her own hair or the way she stares at him from across the room that draws him to her

    9. Fact About Feelings
    Guys do not want to talk about their own feelings too. Just because they do not initiate heart to heart conversations does not mean that they do not love talking about it. Do not him feel threatened by your own questions and he will absolutely open up to you.
    10. Fact About Help
    Men hate asking for help, and they will avoid doing so until they feel that they could not do it by themselves.

    11. Fact About Orgasm
    Men feel so powerful as they make a woman orgasm. The better you orgasm, the more he will be proud of himself and also appreciate you more.

    12. Fact About Seduction
    Guys love a coy and cute girl at first, but they will absolutely love a cute girl who can turn into a wildcat when being in bed.

    13. Fact About Anxiety
    Men do not like to be told that they are really not good at something, particularly if it is a male thing.

    14. Fact About Manipulation
    Men are easy to manipulate, yet all men hate being manipulated passively into doing something.
    15. Fact About Help
    Men love helping those beautiful girls who need help. For some, it makes their day. Well, after all, gentlemen love damsels in distress, don’t they?
    As for this list, are you surprised with any of these funny and interesting facts about men, or did it only confirm the things you already knew or feared?

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