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Discussion in 'Clash of Clans' started by spawns12, Aug 1, 2015.

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  1. This is my Strategy for farming MASSIVE amounts of Gold and Elixer. Hope you all enjoy.

    GAMEBOT 4.0.1 SETTINGS July 19th 2015

    Search Tab
    Dead Base Mode
    Meet Gold or Elixir
    Min Gold: 100K
    Min Elixir: 100K

    Attack Basics Tab
    Attack All Sides
    King Attack Dead Bases
    Queen Attack Dead Bases
    Timed Activation of Hero Abilities after: Auto Activate When They Become Weak (red zone)
    End Battle if no new loot raided within: 30

    Donate Tab <-- This is obviously user preferential
    Donate Archers Only

    Troops Tab
    Custom Army
    25% Barbarians
    75% Archers
    Raid When Troops Reach 100%

    Misc Tab
    Trophy Settings
    Max: 1350
    Min: 1250
    Village Search Delay: 1
    Auto Collect Resources ON

    Please or Register to view links For the Loot Screens here's a link to an imgur album

    Using this strategy, I've been able to loot over 8 million gold and elixer a day. It should be worth mentioning I never shut this off, even on max Gold and Elixer, I just farm for extra Dark Elixer until I can upgrade.

    Thanks for reading, I hope this helps anyone looking for a ridiculously quick way to gain massive amounts of loot.

    Notes About My Preferences

    Min Gold: 100K
    Min Elixir: 100K

    I choose to search for Gold or Elixer simply because if someone has 100 000+ Elixer, they generally have around that amount of Gold. People seem to get hung up on using loads of specifications. Remember the more you tell the client to search for, the longer it's going to take to search and the more gold YOU throw away by searching. TH8 Search cost is 580. Do the math, it adds up.

    Trophy Settings
    Max: 1350
    Min: 1250

    I choose to keep my trophies low, if you're farming for Trophies this is not the guide for you. I find the picking's easy, and often get 200 -300K in each loot type because I 2/3 star bases and take it all, not just the outsides.

    I added and changed a few things for some Quality of Life changes. I was watching a few battles and noticed the Barb King uselessly using his ability for no reason(use ability after 5 secs, is now, use when low), and the game ending when I could have gotten 3 stars if it went another few seconds(from 10 seconds to 20).

    Thanks for the feedback and happy botting! Rate this guide, and keep kicking ***!

    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 1, 2015
  2. hase0278

    hase0278 Forum Veteran Established

    Thanks for sharing pang pc to diba?
  3. Pa try... salamat sa Share
  4. kuya san yung link? ng ma try TY po
  6. pa try po.. slamat...
  7. xavender

    xavender Journeyman Established

    pede maka enge link? wla ako nakita sa post. Thanks :)
  8. panu ang settings ng kahit may ginagawa ka sa facebook eh hindi lumalabas sa screen ung COC.. nagawa kona dati, tapus ngaun diko na alam kung san ko napindot ^_^
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  9. wala po bang pang android phone po. ung walang bayad. yung sa dummysprite kasi may bayad
  10. joe_23

    joe_23 Addict Established

    saan ung link boss
  11. Sir ano link ng autobot!??
  12. ravage

    ravage Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Closed as per thread starter's request.
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