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Tutorial Identify what cell site tower do you in the philippines

Discussion in 'General Mobile Network Tutorials' started by imbz, Aug 8, 2014.

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  1. At Night
    You can easily identify what tower you see at night by its distinct red colored light:

    • Smart – 1 light, the light on top is steady.
    • Globe - 2 lights, one on top and one on the middle, both steady.
    • Sun – 1 light on top, blinking.
    At it’s Physical Appearance
    • Smart – white and orange in color. Appearance may vary, from 4 legs or 1 leg. The pan-shaped object you can see at the top is only used for transmitting and receiving signals. Towers with 4 legs are those who have that pan-shaped item.
    • Globe – white and dark-orange in color, there is also a gray one. Also with variations of 1 leg to 4 legs. The 1 leg looks like a long pipe that is inter-connected.
    • Sun – gray in color. Somehow similar to Globe ad smart but with only 3 legs. There is also Orange and White colors.
    Photos of Globe, Smart and Sun Towers




    Special Thanks For ekoj for PHOTOS and INFO (y).
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  2. Senpai

    Senpai Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Di ba nakikita sa BSID yun bro?
  3. Hindi ata.
  4. meron dito 1 light lng pero di na bblink
  5. smart yan (y).
  6. nice info, Smart pala dito sa amin gilid 100meters away
  7. :ROFLMAO:.
  8. nai9ne

    nai9ne Honorary Poster Established

    payat ung tore ng globe dito samin bro :D
  9. Bago lang sa phc,salamat po sa info...
  10. nice infor,,thank you author
  11. malaking tulong talaga phc,salamat talaga mga sir.(y)
  12. now i know hehehe. thanks
  13. :ROFLMAO:.
  14. nice ;););););).. pro medyo makulimlim :D:D:D:D:D
  15. Hahanap ako ng tower dito. :hilarious: Thanks dito.
  16. jpotz

    jpotz Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    yun din alam ko sa BSID tol.,
    kami din.,pati yung globe.,payat din hahaha
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  17. nice info kapatid, yun palah :)
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  18. salamat :D
  19. nai9ne

    nai9ne Honorary Poster Established

    TORE version 1 ata ung tore natin, hindi supported LTE eh. :D
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