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I am a new member

Discussion in 'New Member' started by bisayarebel, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Magandang gabi po sa lahat.
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  2. [​IMG] sir Bisayarebel
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  3. Salamat sir haunted hearts
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  4. I am too. Don't understand how this works :( need to take some time to figure it out and play around with it
  5. What are you referring to?
  6. wlcme to phc.........;)
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  7. Ha. Have no clue where to start. I got lucky when I saw your post and thought I'd try to reply & it worked would love a video (Ikr) to watch and/or just shadow someone

    Thanks looking forward to hanging out

    Wish I knew what you were saying
  8. What do you mean about "would love a video and shadow someone"?
    Do you know where you are (Are you high?) If yes, Do you mind passing that weed?
  9. Ha it's been a minute on that one... I'm trying to place the person that said it... I can hear it - it's on the tip of my tongue.

    I'm being sarcastic. I've never EVER been on a site like this. I guess I should prolly let you kno that I'm not the smartest chic on the block either when it comes to computers, iPhones, technology etc. but I've heard one can get allot of information if you know what the heck your doing
  10. Ohh ok I thought you we're lost.
    If you want to learn more about Computers, Technologies etc.
    Sorry to say this but you are in the wrong forum/website.
    Most of the contents here are not English. :D
  11. I see that oh too well. I was seriously thinking that but I kept seeing just enough to keep me interested . Can you recommend one that is similar yet English speaking for the most part?
  12. [​IMG] to phcorner...
    enjoy staying here...

    please read the following ..[​IMG]
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    Stay happy and active..[​IMG]
  13. creedito

    creedito Forum Guru Established

    welcome to phc (y)
  14. Emilux3D

    Emilux3D Addict Established

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay! :D
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