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Help Huawei b593s-22 "connection failed with error code 3254"

Discussion in 'Mobile Broadband Questions' started by NiceETL, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Requesting help guys regarding my Huawei B593s-22 not registering on any 4/3/2G network on Smart and Globe.

    Prior to this, I was doing an "HTTP Update" via the router's menu when my Mozilla suddenly crashed. But then, I was still able to use my internet/browse for another hour or so. The next day, only red light was showing on my router.

    When the router tries to connect to Smart's network 2-3-4G-Auto, it shows "Connection failed with Error Code 3254." Same with Globe sim.

    I had tried doing a "Local update" using the following firmwares in this order:
    1. Huawei_B593s-22_Firmware_V200R001B236D30SP00C00_Universal
    2. B593s-22Update_V200R001B180D20SP00C00
    3. B593s-22Update_V200R001B180D15SP00C00
    4. B710C0UPDATE_V200R001B270D10SP00C00

    My Smart Flexitime and Globe GoSurf sims are able to connect to the internet 4g/3g/2g when used on my cellphone or pocket wifi.

    Router status showing:
    1. USIM Card normal
    2. No signal network
    3. Disconnected
    4. Antenna settings : built-in/auto

    Hardware version: Ver.B
    Firmware version: V200R001B270D10SP00C00
    Firmware build time: Aug 20 2014 / 11:22:16

    1. Diagnosis on router all passed.
    2. APNs tried auto/smartLTE/Dynamic/internet/smart4g/globe.com.ph/telstra.iph/telstra.extranet
    3. Manual network search tried. Found Smart's and Globe's 4g, 3g & 2g. But all failed to register.
    4. Factory reset done. Still nothing.

    I would really appreciate any help/advice.
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  2. up... badly need help...

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