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Android App how to use your old Android phones into a surveillance camera

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by kline achxyl, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. kline achxyl

    kline achxyl Addict Established

    We know that while you are away from home for Super Missions, you need a reliable home security solution to watch your most valuable assets and families. Home security camera, surveillance camera, nest cam, baby monitor, webcam, or pet cam shouldn't cost us hundred bucks when all you need is Alfred.

    Is it necessary to spend on surveillance cameras? You have a better option, with Alfred! Turn your unused smartphones to surveillance cameras for free. Your smartphone is definitely more versatile and powerful than IP cameras in the market. If you are looking for a home security solution, baby monitor, pet monitor or an IP cam, stop searching now that you have Alfred.

    Video surveillance has never been easier. Install Alfred the mobile app on two smartphones. One is your Webcam at your designated location and take the other one with you as a Viewer. Log in with the same Google account, and that's it! You are now connected to your loved ones via WiFi/3G/4G from anywhere in the world. With Alfred's motion detection feature, you are alerted with photos and videos.

    What's so special about Alfred?
    1. Alfred is friendly: Easy to use. No tutorial required at all.
    2. Alfred supports multiple Viewers and multiple Webcams.
    3. Alfred is always ready: Alfred minimizes the launch time. After you select your camera, you can see the secured location within 1-3 seconds even when you are using mobile connection.
    4. Alfred is fast: In less than a second, Alfred connects you and the secured location with the shortest latency and the highest interactivity.
    5. Alfred is efficient: Depending on your network speed, Alfred adjusts video quality so you have clearer images and lag-free strêâmïng.
    6. Alfred is perceptive: Alfred offers free motion detection features. You get free photo messages from Alfred when motions are detected. Clicking on the message, you are directed to real-time surveillance of the specific location.
    7. Alfred is deterrent: Two-way talk feature allows you to warn and deter unauthorized visitors.
    8. Alfred is interactive: Sing to your baby or talk to your pets with the two-way talk feature.

    Who's Alfred?
    1. Alfred is your baby cam. Alfred makes sure you are the first one to know if your baby is crying, sleeping or waking up. When your baby rolls over, Alfred sends you a motion detection message right away.
    2. Alfred is your pet monitor. Alfred knows that they all look innocent but will help you identify who knocked over the trashcan. Interact with your pets with Alfred's two-way talk features.
    3. Alfred is your office surveillance camera. Manage your staff, visitor and assets with Alfred. Alfred secures your properties by sending you photo messages when motions are detected. Alfred is more responsive than other IP cameras.
    4. Alfred is your nanny cam. Alfred makes it easier to manage your nanny or caretaker, and rest assured that your loved ones are in good hands.
    5. Alfred is your home security system. Alfred guards your doors and garage to check if you have visitors, if your children have arrived home from school, if there is any suspicious people around, or if anyone left garbage at your doorstep. Alfred ensures that you are alerted when there is a break in or any suspicious activities.
    6. Alfred is your spy cam. Alfred collects photo and footage evidence for you.

    How can Alfred serve you?
    1. Attach a fisheye lens to your phone for a wide-angle view.
    2. Don't worry about mounting and fixtures, a mug can solve the problem. Place your Camera phone wherever you prefer.
    3. Locate your phone closer to a WiFi station to ensure stable connection.
    4. Press "Save Power" to keep your Camera phone connected for longer.
    5. Any unused Android phone can work as your Camera phone, start watching over your location 24/7, and send you alerts if something comes up.

    Set Android na mag view

    Set Android na Magiging camera

    Pweding kang mag palit ng view sa Android basta pariho Lang ang gmail

    Click MO ang Android name gaya sa akin (Asus_T00I)

    At pweding mag record


    *download google play store (IP webcam)
    *Dapat may internet ka
    *Dapat pariho ang gmail na maging surveillance camera
    *Follow my screenshots

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  2. thanks for sharing
  3. kline achxyl

    kline achxyl Addict Established

    Welcome...kung gusto nyo ng pro google mo nalang.hehehe:D
  4. Thanks sa share boss (y)
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    ganda nito kaso mahal yong pro... nice ts
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    salamat dito boss..
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    Thanks for Sharing
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    mukang maganda ito ha. masubukan nga
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