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Tutorial How To Use Xmod in Clash Of Clans

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans' started by paularo, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. In this tutorial, we are going to learn "How to Use xmod in Clash of Clans" in Android. Not iOS! Android Users only.

    Yes, i play clash of clans! I have been playing for two months now and i am already in TH7 with low defenses, barracks, but my walls are pretty good and the reasons why i have low defenses, is because i rushed my Town hall upgrade, i blew from TH 1-7 basically because i wanted cool troops, more walls, more upgrade capabilities, the Barbarian King and the rest. I did so, without fully maxing out my town's defenses like the Archer tower, Wizard tower, Mortars, Cannons, Air defenses, Bombs, Air bombs and even my elixir collectors and mines are in terrible shape, i recently upgraded some to Level 6-7, but i have level 9 Gold mine tho.

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    I would advice before you upgrade to a higher Town Hall level, you need to fully upgrade your walls, defenses as well s buildings, army camps, barracks to enable you cope with the new level you are about to find yourself. If you rush, you will essentially become the plaything for bullies. Yes! That's right, Clash of clans is basically bullying other lower level players with low defenses, so you simply destroy that person and get the 3 stars. I'm fond of this especially during clan wars.

    Today, i finally share one of my secrets in clash of clans. I know clash of clans is a tediously long game that requires a lot of patience, well i'm not really the patience type but i can't always gem so i found a tool that makes things easier, this tool doesn't perform magic, it's merely a tool to help in some areas of the game. To the more experience players, xmod isn't a new thing but for those new, upcoming players this is probably the first time you heard of "xmod". Don't be scared, Sit back and relax as i put you through this simple tutorial.

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    • Android device running 4.0 and above.​
    • a Rooted device +Very Impotant​
    • Internet Connection to download xmod and run clash of clans because its an online based game.​
    Shall We Begin?
    • First Step is to Download xmod from Google Please or Register to view links
    • Install and run xmod​
    • When you open "xmodgames" for the first time, Make sure you xmod "Grant administrative privileges". This requires root access, if your android device is not rooted, you won't see this message and xmod won't work for you.​
    • Xmod opens up, it automatically scans for all the games you have installed in your android device, and checks if the mods are available. Clash of Clans should show if you already have the game installed.
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    • Click on "Clash of Clans". This takes you to the mod page, this is where you install the latest xmod mod for Clash of Clans. It takes less than a minute to install.
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    • Launch Clash of Clans. Click on "Launch"​
    • When the game opens, you should see a weird "robot" appear on then screen. Don't freak out! Act cool! That's xmod.​
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    • Click on the robot icon, something like this should pop up.
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    • Click on "Xmod". The various settings should appear now. All the tools you need to make you enjoy Clash of Clans more is right here. You just need to know how to use them. I will cover the various functions of xmod in another tutorial, but for now. Familiarize yourself with xmod and the various settings, how to launch Clash of Clans from within xmodgames and keep your eyes peeled for frequent mod updates. Mod Updates usually come after Clash of Clans have received an update, so the mod is pâtched to work with that update to prevent crashes and bugs.
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    • I know you are feeling overwhelmed because there are a lot of settings, but don't worry with my help, you would understand what all of the various settings do, the task or role they perform and finally you get to learn how to use them appropriately and efficiently.​
    • and that's the end of this tutorial. More tutorials on Clash of Clans with or without xmod are coming up. Stay Tuned!​
    P.S: You must open Clash of Clans from within Xmod every time you want to use the mod.​

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  2. Diba boss bina banned na ni CoC yung mga gumagamit ngayon ng Mod?? Tanung lang po??

    Salamat sa share
  3. Please english, i don't understand your language
  4. if my account has been banned by CoC? if i gonna use this Mod?

    Anyway thanks for sharing:)
  5. Yes, there is a risk you might be banned by coc if you use this tool
  6. skellum

    skellum Addict Established

    hey bro, I advice you to put a warning notice on this forum so newbies will know the risk ;)
    thank you..
  7. Yeah, that's right.
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