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How to Unlock Smartbro Evoluzn LTE-NOT RESOLVED

Discussion in 'Mobile Broadband Modems' started by vangr8, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. I have been looking around now for a day or two in order to find out how to unlock this device. Right now I am in detective mode trying to learn everything about it. Here is what I do know:

    Evoluzn is not the brand, the best match I can find is the MY-2108. The way I was able to arrive by this is I entered my IMEI into a tracker and it showed up as a Jiffma M-818. I then went to the Jiffma website and found several models that looked like the one we have here in the Philippines. The reason I am able to confirm it is this device is three fold

    1. The imei number states it is a Jiffma device.
    2. The software version is MY2108_Evoluzn_V012 which seemingly matches the model number.
    3. I compared the mac address on my device to that of this device and the first 6 digits are the same indicating the same manufacturer.

    Here is what we DO know:

    1. This is a Jiffma device specifically MY2108
    2. The chipset is Marvell PXA 1802

    I have been able to find some other devices using the same chipset which are easily unlocked or openlined. I am still exploring potential firm ware that would work for this.

    Things I would love to know:

    1. Is firmware dependend upon the chipset?
    2. What is L02D, I suspect this is the hardware?

    I will keep everyone updated with my progress.

    ************This is an exploratory topic, please do not view this as the correct answer**********
  2. More info on the search.

    1. L02D is the hardware.
    2. There is a device called the Bolt Orion môviêmax that see ms to be the same. Same chipset anyway and the specs match up perfectly.

    At this point it has become pretty clear that changing or downgrading the firmware is what unlocks this device. The best way to do this is to go to Please or Register to view links. Once you are on this page it will look like this:


    Notice the L02D. This is important as we need to make sure we choose the firmware we are going to be using from underneath that tree. Howevever, we want to see all of the available firmware. In order to do that go to the search bar and type in MY2108. Once you do that it should look like this:


    Please make sure to scroll down to L02D and select a firmware. There are a few firmware that are non carrier specific, choose one of those. For example,

    Please or Register to view links
    As a precaution I would also download one of the Evoluzn firmware links as well in case things go wrong you have something to fall back on.

    Once you have downloaded the firmware please take a look at the README File. Some of the firmware is for CDMA. Make sure you download firmware for GSM. The README file will tell you.

    The issue for me at this point is that I have a Mac and there is an installer file that needs to be run to update the firmware. Clearly, its built for windows. One word of caution. Since I was unable to install these links myself I cannot contest to whether they are virus or malware free. I ran them through virus scan and they came out fine however.

    After the install is done you should factory reset your device and if all goes as it should, you should be unlocked. I am going to continue to do more research to find the best custom firmware to put on this device as to maximize its features. I will update once I sort that out, if someone could let me know how this went from a windows machine it would be appreciated.

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  3. have you successfully unlocked your device sir vangr8 ?
  4. how about for FX PR2 ?
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  5. rald0625

    rald0625 Enthusiast Established

    Hi!, is this working/tested??
  6. pokz5

    pokz5 Forum Veteran Established

  7. rald0625

    rald0625 Enthusiast Established

    up ulit,
    if working ba ito,
  8. pasali, sana ma openline,admin nato,, abang mode
  9. rald0625

    rald0625 Enthusiast Established

    up na naman ulit,
    sana may makatulong na sa atin
  10. malas naman, up na naman, baka may alam na dyan
  11. sino na po may alam pag openline ng fx pr2?
  12. pano i restore default ang evoluzn fx-pr2?
  13. may reset button na maliit sa ilalim. sundot mo lang ng mga 5 seconds.
  14. May nakapag-openline na ba sa EVOLUZN FX PR2 naka-lock kasi sa smartbro,,gusto ko pa naman sana openline ito
  15. wala pa din pag asa. huhu
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