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Tutorial How to Track Lost Android Phone

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by creedito, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. creedito

    creedito Forum Guru Established

    Your Android gadgets are the most
    important things in your life. It
    contains all your important contacts
    and information. If you lose your
    equipment, you will be losing all those
    sweet memories with the photos and
    video. But there is some good news to
    android phone/tablet users, you can
    now easily find or at least know where
    your missing phone is with or without
    using android application.
    Let’s first look at the way of finding
    your lost phone which doesn’t contain
    any app installed on it.
    Use the IMEI Number
    Every android phone carries a unique
    IMEI number (International Mobile
    Equipment Identity Number). It will be
    printed at the back of your device. If
    you are unable to find the number, you
    have to launch your phone app and
    dial the number *#06#. This will give
    you the IMEI number of your phone.
    Store this number in a safe place so
    that it helps you in locating your phone
    when it is lost.
    When you file a complaint, this
    number has to be added in the report.
    Your service provider uses this
    number to track your phone and tell
    you where it is. No matter if the
    person using the phone is using a
    different SIM card or has switched off
    the phone. Once the device is traced,
    you can request your service provider
    to block it from using.
    This is one of the easy ways of
    locating your lost Android phone or
    Plan B
    Another way of tracking your lost
    Android gadget in no time is through
    Plan B app. This app does not require
    you to install any recovery software
    previously but still helps in finding
    your lost phone. All you need to do is
    log on to your Google play account.
    Lookout mobile security offers free
    software called Plan B. Download the
    software from play store to your
    phone. This will be possible only if
    your phone is within the Internet
    coverage area. Wait for some time
    and then send the keyword “locate”
    without the quotes through SMS to
    your phone. And a map showing where
    your equipment is will be sent to your
    Gmail account. This app is very much
    useful in situations where you don’t
    have IMEI number.
    If you have installed and configured
    any of these below android software
    previously, there is good chance of
    finding it.
    You can log on to Google Play store >
    My Android Apps, on your computer
    and check if you have installed any of
    the following apps previously.
    Lookout Security and Antivirus
    Lookout is the best android app for
    security and antivirus. So far, it has
    received millions of downloads. Just
    recall if you have installed this on
    your phone.
    If you have activated the option
    “Missing Device” in this app, it is
    easy to find your device. If you have
    also enabled “Signal Flare” option, you
    can trace the last known location of
    your android device. This is helpful in
    case your phone battery is dead or
    tablet is switched off.
    Now sign in Lookout to locate your
    device. The map shows the location of
    your phone. If you are at a short
    distance from the tablet, you can
    choose Scream option to make a loud
    noise to find it.
    Android Device Manager
    Google has recently released a new
    locator feature for Android gadgets
    called Android Device manager, which
    helps its users locate their lost or
    stolen phones and tablets. It functions
    in the same way as Lookout and
    Samsung’s “Find My Mobile”. Here’s
    how to use Android Device Manager.
    Go to the Google Settings app, then
    select Android device manager. By
    default the locator feature is activated
    but to activate remove data wipe,
    select the box next to “Allow remote
    factory reset”, then select “activate”.
    To use this feature, open the site
    Please or Register to view links
    and sign in to your Google account.
    You may be prompted for permission
    to allow Android Device Manager to
    use location data. Select the Accept
    tab to continue.
    Now you will be provided with a map
    that shows the location of your device
    along with other details such as the
    name of the place, when it was last
    used and more. The location data
    doesn’t help you if your phone is
    misplaced somewhere in your home.
    Instead of making a call to your phone
    using other’s phone, you can call your
    phone directly from Android Device
    Manager. This will make your device
    to ring with high volume for 5 minutes,
    even if it’s in silent or vibrate mode.
    One feature that is missing in Android
    Device Manager is remote locking,
    which can be useful in preventing a
    stranger from accessing your data,
    while you’re tracking its location.
    Apart from these, there are other apps
    such as Android Lost, Where do My
    Droid and GadgetTrak that help you in
    finding your lost Android phone/
  2. marlon22

    marlon22 Journeyman Established

    Thanks for sharing..
  3. creedito

    creedito Forum Guru Established

  4. Merun po bang apps.
  5. jmcb26

    jmcb26 Honorary Poster Established

  6. wow..ayus to TS..napakalaking tulong po ito saming mga android users..TYVM po! keep it up and more power. (Y)
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