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How to Stop Battery Drain on Your Android Phone

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by gilwin092795_-, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Battery drain is one of the biggest issues with regards to android smartphones and devices. Some batteries do drain even when the phone is in “Sleep Mode” and in spite of the various battery saving apps that you installed.

    This article will help you get up to 5 extra hours on your battery by following these simple tweaks. WARNING: This is a very advanced app, do not mess around, do ONLY what is explained here unless you are absolutely sure that you know what you are doing.
    Be assured that it does not affect Google Backup Transport (The process that autosaves your contacts and notes etc.)

    How to Stop Battery Drain

    1. Rooted Phone
    2. Download and Install these three apps; Myandroidtool Pro, Sytem Tuner Pro and Greenify

    Even when on standby, Google Services and Framework consumes 80% of your battery by waking your phone intermittently to check for services you do not even need. This tweak is on how to control those kinds of services from draining your battery. Normally you may manually stop the services or you use only Greenify but it automatically start again after some time.

    1. Install and open the Myandroidtools pro
    2. We will be tweaking two components – Services and Broadcast Receiver

    3. Go to “Service” Menu and locate “Google Play Services”
    4. Toggle off the following services (as shown below) under Google Play by sliding the switch beside it.

    5. Then Go to “Broadcast Receiver” Menu and select “Google Play Services”
    6. Under it, disable the following services (as shown below);
    - SystemUpdateServic$ActiveReceiver
    - FitnessInitReceiver
    - ConnectivityReceiver
    - CheckinService$ActiveReceiver
    - AccountsChangedReceiver
    - WearableSyncServiceReceiver
    - UpgradeNfcWalletReceiver
    - SystemUpdateService$SecretCodeReceiver
    - SystemUpdateService$Receiver
    - SystemUpdateService$OtaPolicyReceiver

    7. Go back to the “Broadcast Receiver” menu and select “Google Services Framework”
    8. Under it, disable the following services (as shown below);
    - CheckinService$Receiver
    - CheckinService$SecretCodeReceiver
    - CheckinService$TriggerReceiver
    - EventLogService$Receiver
    - GoogleLocationSettings$LocationSettingsChangedListener
    - SystemUpdateService$Receiver
    - SystemUpdateService$SecretCodeReceiver

    9. Done with Myandroitools Pro

    10. Open the installed System Tuner. This app is just to use and prevent unnecessary startups.
    11. Locate and select “Startup”

    12. Uncheck “Google Services Framework” and that is all for System Tuner.

    13. Open the installed Greenify. This app will now enable you to control all other installed apps on your phone.
    14. Just greenify or freeze the apps the apps that you don’t want to run.

    With these apps and tweaks, you will see a significant battery improvement and you do not need any other battery saving apps on your phone. In any event you want to update your phone OS especially the OTA update, MAKE SURE that you have enable all the apps under Google Play Services and Framework and UNROOT your device before you update, if not, you might run into problems during the update.
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