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How to speed up internet connection – smart bro, pldt, dsl & globe

Discussion in 'WiMAX, DSL Modems' started by Assault RifleF-2000, Sep 6, 2014.

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    How to speed up Internet connection
    without using CMD or changing a modem/router, or Internet Service Provider (ISP.) This tweak works great for Smart Bro (Canopy,) PLDT, DSL, Globe (LTE/WiMax/Tattoo,) 3Gs & 4Gs Sun and the rest of the world’s Internet Service Providers. Compatible for Windows XP, 7 Ultimate, 8, and all other Windows versions.

    How effective are the results after applying the settings? The images below shows the before and after results after testing the Internet connection speed at Please or Register to view links. Remember: Do a speed test before and after tweaking your Internet connection speed.

    Steps on How to Speed Up Internet Connection
    1) Change your preferred DNS with Google’s free public DNS. Set your Local/Wireless Network Connection IPv4 Preferred and Secondary DNS to and respectively. Alternatively, you can use DNS BENCHMARK to get the fastest DNS near your location. But, Google’s free public DNS will suffice.
    Read and download this thread Please or Register to view links to know about DNS BENCHMARK



    2) Only use the needed network protocols. Click Start button, then Control Panel. Choose Network and Internet, then click Network and Sharing Center. Click Manage Wireless/Local Network, then select the network adapter you are currently using. Click Adapter Properties on the menu above to open the Network Connection Properties window. Check the following: Client for Microsoft Networks, QoS Packet Scheduler, File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks, Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4,) and the Link-Layers protocols.


    3) Update your Wireless Network Adapter. Click start and right click on Computer then choose Properties. Click Device Manager and open Network Adapters. There you will see your wireless LAN driver. Right click and then click Update Driver Software. Choose Search automatically for updated driver software; this assures that your wireless adapter is up to date.


    4) Download Please or Register to view links and run it as Administrator. Click the General Settings Tab, choose the appropriate network adapter, choose settings:optimal, then click the Apply Changes button. That’s all you need to do to tweak your MTU, RWin, etc. Restart your computer after applying the settings.

    [​IMG]5) Use the fastest web browser like Google’s Please or Register to view links. If you already installed it, you can update it by clicking the Chrome button and selecting “About Google Chrome.” This will automatically update your Chrome’s version to the latest one. Or, just type chrome://chrome/ in the URL box to open the About page.

    6) Download Please or Register to view links and run it to optimize your computer; it’s a great freeware that helps in speeding up the overall performance of your PC or Laptop. The speed of your computer also helps in boosting the overall performance of your Internet connection.

    7) Uninstall unnecessary add-ons, extensions, and plug-ins installed in Chrome. Also, close unneeded Tabs to lessen Chrome’s memory usage.

    8) Disable bandwidth limit cap and gain additional 20% system process speed. Windows reserves 20% of this for Windows Update and other tasks, which is usually rarely needed. Download this Registry file Please or Register to view links and execute. Or, you can simply copy the code below, paste it and save it as *.reg in a notepad or something.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    9) Use the maximum capacity of your Wireless Network Adapter. Type Power Options in the Windows search box and run it, or click the battery power icon usually found at the lower right of your screen, which is near the Time and Date, then click More Power Options. Select the High Performance option and then click Change Plan Settings. Look for Change Advanced Power Settings and click it. Go to Wireless Adapter Settings, then Power Saving Mode, and then select Maximum Performance for both On-Battery and Plugged-In. Click OK to confirm the new settings.


    10) You already have uninstalled the unneeded Chrome Extensions. But, this Extension is a must have to prevent the Chrome browser from memory hugging your system. System memory overload reduces overall performance. Please or Register to view links, a Chrome plugin, reduces memory usage by suspending idle browser tabs either automatically after a specified time, or manually.

    11) Even if you are using a single web browser tab, it still stacks up memory; not one web browser ever perfected memory management. This will significantly reduces overall system performance. Fortunately, we have All Browser Memory Zip and Google Chrome Memory Zip, which you can download at this Please or Register to view links. Use one of them to properly memory manage most web browsers.

    12) If you are accessing Wi-Fi through your wireless router, check if your Wi-Fi’s channel is not overlapping with other channels within your area or neighborhood. Overlapping channels reduces Wi-Fi throughput and signal strength. Download this freeware Please or Register to view links from MetaGeek; this program scans all available Wi-Fi signals from wireless routers within your vicinity and compares it with yours; it shows a signal strength score and what other networks overlaps with your channel. With these information, reconfigure your Wi-Fi router with a new channel that has no or with minimal network overlaps. The video below will show you how.

    13) Restart your computer for all changes to take effects.
    14) Compress incoming data using Please or Register to view links to save on Bandwidth. Nowadays, bandwidth throttling is common among Internet service providers. It is an intentional slowing of their Internet connection towards heavy Internet users, in-order to provide smooth Internet connection towards other users. Data Compression Proxy is a Chrome plugin that you can install for free; it compresses incoming data in order to save bandwidth and maximize your daily Internet usage.

    15) Relocate your WiFi Modem/Router to a place where you get a strong signal. Make sure you receive a full-bars signal strength. If you can attached an antenna to it, then install a more sensitive and powerful antenna.

    16) Computer viruses and malware could be slowing down your system or using unnecessary network bandwidth; it’s best to clean your system. Download a light Anti-virus/malware software such as Please or Register to view links or Please or Register to view links.

    17) Press CTRL+ALT+Del keys and click on Task Manager. Go to Networking Tab. Disable all unnecessary processes that has been utilizing your network.

    18) Check hard disk drive for errors and defragment it. Fragmented hard drives and hard drives with errors can slow down overall system performance. Open your disk explorer, right click on your hard drive and click properties. Choose the Tools tab. Click on Check Now button under error-checking to check for hard disk errors. Click on Defragment now button under Defragmentation to defragment your hard disk.

    19) If you are still experiencing a very slow Internet connection speed, then, upgrading to a new connection package from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) would be great.

    That’s all you need to do on how to speedup your online experience. Enjoy your new Internet connection speed.

    Credits to : CBPh
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