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Tutorial How to Shutdown Internet Cafe internet using your Pc..

Discussion in 'WiMAX, DSL Modems' started by silverbullets, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. I know Some of you Tried DDosing And fail :) Now it's time to do it again But this time is to Shut it down
    Internet On your Pc/laptop
    Targeted internet cafe router should be pldthomefiber if it's other type in google so you can find the user and password :)
    First Step:
    You need to go Play internet on your targeted Ip So you can find what's the ip adress of the targeted internet cafe- (reminder this tut is for pldt only Because Globe Ip adress cant be scan on Angry ip scanner because all ports are closed if you wanna do globe you need to do it on the internet where you playing :).)
    How to get ip Go to run type Cmd after the cmd pops up type ipconfig.. Get That number on the box and type it on the internet cafe computer where you playing on browser :) so it will direct you to the router's gateway 23.png
    Once you are in the routers gate way it should look like this and the user and pass
    After you login it will look like this bridgemode.jpg
    >;) you can get the wifi password if you want it's free well were here to get the ip after you get the router ip it should look like that. just go to network internet settings it would show you the ip, (49.xxx.xxx) (go home) type it on your browser of your computer :) it will direct you that router gateway :D now you got the control of there router in your hands in your house you can go management to shutdown router you can change the wifi password using your computer at your house >;)
    (Some people are connected to the wifi and they want to know how to get the wifi pass this is the way to get it by typing the default gateway on the phone and login in to the gate way :) to see wifi pass )
    you can do the shutdown internet thing on the internet cafe on where you playing
    .. that all i got for now :) good luck

    God forgives Anonymous dont :) Tut Internet Shutdown And Wifi hâckïng.

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    Last edited: Nov 27, 2015
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  2. Old tuts. By the way thanks for sharing (y)
  3. dimebag

    dimebag Honorary Poster Established

    Di ba masama yan heheheeh
    thanks for sharing
  4. Pano kung hindi maka log in using that username at password? Salamat sa share
  5. salamat dito subukan ko.
  6. That's impossible to happen :)
  7. try ko kaya sa globe to. pwedi naman cguro yon? as long as alam mo lang yong default password.
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