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Tutorial How to setup two computers via LAN in windows 7 for sharing

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by delfermil30, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. Creating LAN (Local area network “) between 2 pc’s can make sharing easy, you can quickly transfer your GB’s of data like documents, music, and media files from one computer to another. By connecting two computers via LAN can make your computer to play multiplayers games, you’ll just need to connect two computers, create a LAN connection, host a multiplayer game and play on.

    In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can set up a LAN connections between two computers without using any modem, you’ll just only need a crossover Ethernet cable and that’s it.

    So let’s create a LAN connection
    The first thing you’ll have to make sure is, you have a crossover cable because cross-over and straight cable looks both same but works differently so, make sure you have a cross over cable because it’s a only way to connect two computers without a modem. This is how cross cable’s coding looks like.


    Step 1 – Connection

    Connected each end of your LAN cable into both of your computer’s Ethernet port to connect computer each other with cable.


    Step 2 – Computer Setting

    It’s time to setup an IP address in both computers. Follow this same process in both of your computers.

    • Open control panel window.
    • Choose Network and Sharing Center button.
    • From the left sidebar, click on Change adapter settings.

    • Open your “local area connection” properties.

    • Select the “Internet protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click on “properties” option.

    • Now the “Internet protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) properties” is popped up. Enter the IP address manually and click Ok.


    This IP address only works when you connect both computers via only crossover cable. If you have a modem and you want to connect both computers via modem, you’ll have to add the gateway IP as well. Then your IP should looks like this –

    Step 3 – Sharing Setting

    • After that go back to your Network and Sharing Center and select the ‘Advanced sharing settings’.

    • Now turn on your network discovery, printer sharing and other setting as shown below.

    Step 4 – Workgroup Setting

    In this setting we have to create a same workgroup for both computers to starts sharing on same workgroup. Workgroup setting must be same in both computers but the computer name should be different to identify the computer.

    • Right-click on “Computer” from the start menu and select Properties. Then the system properties window opens up, selects the “change setting” in workgroup settings as shown below.

    • In the “Computer Name” tab, click on the “Change” button to assign a WORKGROUP. Type workgroup in the workgroup tab in both of your computers and click OK.

    • After that click on “Network ID” and do this manual setting given below.

    • After that restart both computers.
    Step 5- Turn on drive sharing

    Now you will able to see your both computer in the network palace, to share your drive via network you’ll just need to turn on the drive sharing by making changes in drive properties.


    Now we have done drive sharing in LAN networking successfully.
  2. thanks for sharing bossing(y)
  3. very helpful tricks
  4. EARZE

    EARZE PHC Contributor Established

    thanks for sharing boss.. (y)
  5. Heal

    Heal Addict Established

    Thanks for sharing!
  6. thank you ts very helpful thread..
  7. thanks for sharing.. very usefull
  8. jojo040

    jojo040 Honorary Poster Established

    thanks for sharing.. very usefull(y)
  9. Thanks for sharing :)
  10. Can Help me How to setup lan, example i will use 5 compter users anc 1 pc for server, how to setup pc server and client pc, thans
  11. BloodyKnight

    BloodyKnight Addict Established

    bomele kalang ng network switch, RJ45, and UTP cable, crimping tool.

    Tapos gawa ka ng straight through cabling search mo nalang kong paano gagawin. tapos e connect mo ang cable na ginawa mo sa pc tapos ang kabilang dulo ay sa switch. Gawin mo lang lahat yan sa bawat computer.

    tapos ikaw na bahala kong saan jan sa 5 ang gagawin mong server.

    pag gosto mo my Internet ang lahat ng computer mo. connect molang ang router mo sa network switch kong saan naka connect lahat ng pc mo. :D
  12. Sprinkle

    Sprinkle Enthusiast Established

    Ayos need ko pa naman 'to. Thanks sa pag share!
  13. kurapikat31

    kurapikat31 Addict Established

    Nice tutorial keep sharing

    Pag windows xp yung ibang pc ang step 3 piliin mo yung 40-56 bit wag yung 128 bit kasi hindi yan makita ng windows xp, gamit kanalang ng switch hub para wala ng crossover gawan mo nalang sila ng i.p address at submet mask wala ng gateway ok na yan

    Pag may modem ka set up mo nalang yung advance sharing tapos on mo lahat sa pinaka baba e off mo yung password then save, dapat lahat naka public network para makita ang folder na e eshare mo
  14. In cabling, straigh through was used when you tend to connect to a switchhub or router. otherwise, use crossover. nice tutorial keep sharing
  15. jadebladezz

    jadebladezz Enthusiast Established

    nice networking tipd
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