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How to root your phone properly ( open for root questions any android phones)

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by seonwoo, Oct 8, 2016.


    Please make sure that the moment you enter this thread and you have fully decide to root your phone you should not blame anyone for your actions we are not responsible for what you are doing on your phone we are only here to provide advise. Hence what we are providing works most of the time if you follow the instructions properly.

    Respect This Thread and the most of all the other members. If you have something to contribute in the comment section do so as long as you respect each member.

    > This is open for all rooting questions. I will provide instructions but I won't upload the programs here I will just tell you where to download PM me nalang if you want to know if you want as well I can send the link directly to you.

    There are different ways on how to root your phone but I will tell you the most common method.

    - Root Using your Phone A.K.A (Root Without Computer)
    - Root using a computer.

    Questions: What do you think is the best and safe method for rooting phone?

    Answer: The best method for my opinion is Root using your phone this method does not need a computer all you need to have is an application and the moment you get error you can find a different program to make the root work. This method can also prevent your phone from BRICKS and KNOKS most of the time happens with Samsung Phones.

    Question: What should be the first thing I need to do before I root my phone?

    Answer: Backup your Files and the Operating System like firmware of your phone please take note of your serial number as well the IMEI or MEID. Please do this because if anytging happens to your phone at least you can still reset it back. It's ok to make mistakes for the first time it'a part of learning but as much as possible safety first and prevent all bad things that might happen to your phone.

    ** I know you have lots of questions I will answer it on the messages nalang **

    BTW Please make sure Rooting your android phone using your computer would be the last option. OK!

    Questions: Naruroot din ba yung Iphone?

    Answer: Yes, But the term that we use is not root but jailbreak since it runs in IOS operating system but I won't answer IOS questions for not maybe on the next thread nalang.


    STEP 1: Download an application for Rooting I recommend Kingroot look for it on their official website because they have updates for new phones.

    Please make sure thay you have an internet connection the moment you used Kingroot.

    STEP 2: Since this app has it's own su application that grant access to the phone I know most of you don't like it.

    Because mas gusto niyo parin ang SuperUser so to do this download the SuperUser application but don't install it. Just download it.

    Step 3: Download SuperSU-ME application I am using the PRO version but it doesn't matter since once mo lang naman gagamitin unless your like me always rooting the phone.

    Step 4: Install the Kingroot and try to root the phone but make sure to connect to the internet or wifi while rooting once finish proceed to the next step.

    Step 5: Install SuperSU-Me the reason why I let you choose Kingroot it's because SuperSU-ME will only work with Kingroot. After you install it run and do the switch the pupose of SuperSU-Me is to remove the SU of Kingroot and exchange it with SuperSu.

    If it won't work and you still want to root it use the computer there are different programs as well for rooting phone on the computer one of them is ODIN just look for it.

    For Questions feel free to comment and for other questions you're always welcome PM me.

    I know this thread is not complete because I want the leechers to learn wag kayong spoonfeed. Try to read so that you will learn each of us has unique talent practice it in order for you to develop the gift and talent that you have.

    Please Respect this Thread and Don't Repost.

    God Bless and Have a Great Day Everyone

    - 선우
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2016
  2. foxgalano

    foxgalano Forum Veteran Established

    Keep sharing ts.
  3. sinubukan kopo yung king root ayaw padin
  4. Connected ka ba sa wifi the moment you root your phone?
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  5. opo , pero ayaw talaga
  6. Ano model ng phone mo?
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  7. samsung V
  8. darknebula

    darknebula Addict Established

    ako din po ayaw gumana ng kingroot root failed yung lumalabas asus zenfone 4 po phone ko
  9. Last Resort Odin nalang gamitin mo pero hanap ka muna ng firmware. Sa Saudi or Dubai ba galing yung samsung mo?

    3 Days ago I have rooted asus zenfone of my work mate just look for updated kingroot sa website.
  10. bhoszmarjie

    bhoszmarjie Addict Established

    ayw gumana nung kingroot sakin pag linlik koh ayw mah open pa help mga sir..
  11. hnd po galing po sa thailand
  12. Anong version android mo? Check mo yung android version dapat the same siya sa app na dina download mo.
  13. Ako naroot ko galaxy v ko gamit using kingroot kailangan mulang stable connection
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  14. baka nga yung byantel kase sira hnd rin stable
  15. Jaymark123

    Jaymark123 Forum Guru Established

    thanks for the info.
  16. foxgalano

    foxgalano Forum Veteran Established

    Pwede ba to sa Samsung Galaxy j7(2016) Marsmallow(android 6.0)
  17. Try mo boss usually it would work naman.
  18. foxgalano

    foxgalano Forum Veteran Established

    Okay na pala ts . Salamat
    Keep sharing
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  19. Dark King

    Dark King Enthusiast Established

    Bos pag ni root mo ba ang phone mo tapos i unroot mo na naman ulit magiging built in ba yung lahat ng apps mo na nka installed?
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