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Tutorial How to resume failed/ broken download on opera mini

Discussion in 'Free Internet Tricks' started by MsSir, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. MsSir

    MsSir Honorary Poster Established

    This is it guys. Medyo marami kasi ang nakikita ko na nagrereklamo na nagfefailed daw ang mga dinadownload nila sa Opera Mini.
    Here's my solution how to fix that problem.

    Assuming you're downloading a large file from
    opera mini and suddenly it
    says download failed,dont
    worry this is what to do.
    *After writing download failed
    *Just minimize your opera
    mini browser
    *Open your file explorer and
    scroll to sdcard/download or
    any path you specify for opera
    to download that particular
    file.if you did not specify any
    path,then by default it should
    be in sdcard/download.
    *In the download folder find
    the uncompeleted file and
    move to another folder
    *Return back to opera mini
    browser and scroll to
    "Downloads".Delete the failed
    file notification in downloads
    *Now go back to the site you
    were downloading from, to
    restart the download.(relax
    man,no problem)
    *When a fresh download have
    started.Go to the "downloads"
    option in opera mini and
    pause the download.
    *Yes,go back to file explorer
    and move the previously failed
    file that you moved away
    from the download folder
    back into the download
    *There will be a pop up asking
    if you want to overwrite,press
    yes to overwrite.
    *Back to opera mini,resume
    the paused download and
    Tadaaa! your download continues
    from where it failed earlier.

    This Trick is Proven and Tested by me.

    Hit like if this trick helps you :)
  2. old tricks na ito, symbianphone or java ganito na yun,. ilang taon narin kasi kaya limot kuna ang ganitong step, pero salamat dito
  3. MsSir

    MsSir Honorary Poster Established

    but still working :)
  4. adzallan50

    adzallan50 Addict Established

    thanks boss,minsan boss ayaw mag resume kung sa hideme.be mo e p-paste ang e download boss.
  5. leinadaniel14

    leinadaniel14 Addict Established

    wow wow. leme try this one. thanks :D
  6. jerrette3927

    jerrette3927 Journeyman Established

    Thank you dito sir! Minsan kapag nagda-download ako ng 500 mb files, nagffail na siya. Try ko mamaya kung gagana.
  7. GodofFury

    GodofFury Enthusiast Established

    ts ayaw naman mag resume help pls!
  8. MsSir

    MsSir Honorary Poster Established

    pakibasa ng maayos at pakifollow ng maayos yung tut. at ito pa make sure na kapag dinownload mo yung pangalawang link ng naunang dinadownload mo dapat magkaparehas sila ng pangalan.

    tested na yan pakiintidi lang ng mabuti.
  9. GodofFury

    GodofFury Enthusiast Established

    sige po ts salamat po sana gumana na sakin
  10. praktis

    praktis Grasshopper Established

    try ko to ts, feedback later..
  11. kiernat

    kiernat Honorary Poster Established

    Working rin po ba to sa chrome?
  12. MsSir

    MsSir Honorary Poster Established

    not sure boss. sa Opera Mini ko pa lang nagagawa yan.
  13. kiernat

    kiernat Honorary Poster Established

    ok po salamat sa share.
  14. praktis

    praktis Grasshopper Established

    ts anong opera mini po yung gamit nyo? kasi ayaw mag-resume sakin.. tska gumagamit ba ikaw ng proxy site sa pag dl?
  15. thanks for sharing...
  16. jefvoult09

    jefvoult09 Addict Established

    salamat bossing..!
    ma try nga.
  17. mahirap sundan yan mas madali to

    1. Download anything IN OPERA MINI and wait it to fail (Here, we assume you downloading iamareebjamal.zip)
    2. Once it is failed, DON'T CLICK ON RETRY and go to any file manager and to path of that file and rename it to whatever you like (eg: iamareebjamal2.zip)
    3. Go again to Opera Mini and click on RETRY now.
    4. As soon as it shows 0.1 mb downloaded, PAUSE it.
    5. Go again to File Manager and you may see two files, first one which you recently renamed and new download file of approx 0.1 mb(or of size it was when you PAUSED it) [Paused file will have original download name such as iamareebjamal.zip]
    6. Rename new file to whatever you want and rename the previously failed download to its original name [iamareebjamal.zip(paused download) -> whatever.zip] [iamareebjamal2.zip -> iamareebjamal.zip]
    7. Go back to Opera Mini and resume the download. Download will RESUME from WHERE IT WAS FAILED. (f yeah) [Make sure Opera Mini isn't killed in renaming process as you may have to redo the whole process if it does]
    8. Enjoy
  18. Bhen23

    Bhen23 Forum Expert Established

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