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Tutorial How To Repair and Maintain Your Crashed Hard Disk and Recover Data

Discussion in 'Drivers, Hardware' started by delfermil30, Sep 3, 2015.

    • How To Backup or Save Your Important Data When Your Hard Disk Crash and Shows Disk Boot Failure While Booting Or Badly Effected By Virus :

    Process 1: Download Hiren's Boot CD ISO file from any web site.. Its Free. Then burn the ISO file to a blank CD or DVD. And run the disk while booting(Make sure 'Boot From CD/DVD is Enable or Make CD/DVD your 1st boot device in priority). Select any one operating system listed there. After that you can transfer all of your important data in any kind of external Hard Drive.

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    Hiren's Boot CD (Boot Menu)

    Process 2: This Process may not work every time. But you can try.
    1st run your computer in SAFE MODE. To run in safe mode Strat/Restar your computer, and while starting keep pressing 'F8' key. After boot you will see a black screen with some options. Select 'SAFE MODE' from these options. Run your PC. Then you can make a back up of your important data.
    • How To Check For Errors In Your Hard Disk With Software:
    Step 1.
    1. First Open My Computer.
    2. Click on a local Hard Drive(You can also check error for pen drive or any kind of external hard drive)
    3. Now right click on the drive that you want to check for errors and click on properties.
    4. Now on the 'Tool' tab click on 'Check' and Check for hard disk error.

    Step 2.
    Install Tune Up Utilities first and Run it. Click on "Overview of All Function" And Click On "Check Error" option. This will run Tune Up Disk Doctor. And Select all your Hard Drives and run "Through Analysis". It will take a long time to complete, depending on your computer speed. If you don't have much time then you can go for a quick analysis. And just wait. After completion Restart your computer.

    • Hard Disk Defragmentation:

    Frequent Defragmentation Of your Hard Disk make your computer run smoothly. So run disk defragmentation regularly. Here is some easy step to run Hard Disk Defragmentation.

    Step 1.
    1. First Open My Computer.
    2. Right Click On a Local Drive that you want to defragment. And click on Properties.
    3. Now on the 'Tool' tab click on 'Defragment Now'/'Optimize'
    4. Now Analyze/Defragment your local drive to make it fast and smooth.

    Step 2.
    1. Run Computer Management MMC.
    2. To Run Go to: Start > Run> Type "Compmgmt.msc".
    3. Now click Disk Defragmenter.
    4. Select the volume that you want to defragment and then on Defragment.

    Step 3.
    1. Strat Disk Defragmenter.
    2. To start Go to: Start > Run> Type "defrag"
    3. Now select the volume and start defragmenting.

    NOTE: Defragmentation may take a long time.

    Some Additional Tips:

    • Keep your Hard Drive away from phones and signals.
    • Keep it away from any kind of magnetic field.
    • Make sure your hard disk is installed properly. Hard Disk should be install either Horizontally or Vertically.
    • Keep your Hard Disk cool. Excessive heat may damage or degrade your Hard Disk.
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