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How to put image in signature / sigpic

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by TheScript, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. Para sa matagal ng nag request magkaroon ng Signature Picture, Ito na (y)

    New Feature: Add Signature Pictures
    Lets users upload images to use in their signature which are checked against size and width/height limit.
    50 KB file size.
    350 pixels image width.
    80 pixels image height.



    By Boss DraftDraft

    Salamat Po Ulit Hehe
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2014
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  2. Look up look down ayun po ang aking signature
    for more question just post

    and para sa mga mag papagawa ng sariling Signatures

    Please or Register to view links

    gagawan ko po kayo pag may time :D
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2014
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  3. yehee!!! salamat boss draft!! may siggy na ulit!! :)
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  4. mahal na mahal talga tayo ni boss DraftDraft
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  5. Saludo ako sayo dre. hehe! Galing ng convincing power mo. :p Congrats boss RiRARiRA !
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  6. tol cyberkramcyberkram paki ayus yung signature medyo malaki
  7. alin at paano boss rira? ngayon ko lang nabasa.. :)
  8. yan mas ok
  9. walang anu man boss Visit muna ulit dipa tapos yung iba pero
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  10. xSilent

    xSilent Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    boss RiRA, pwede din yung whole url ang i-paste dun hehe.. natry ko kanina :)
  11. hahah ayaw samin e
  12. xSilent

    xSilent Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    ok naman po :D try nyo

  13. Pwede din kaya yung mga external image hosting o need talaga gumawa ng gallery?
  14. ayy yung buong address nung gallery pero yung ginawa ko yung code nlng .. sige ee singit ko nlng
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  15. xSilent

    xSilent Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    di po pwede external boss.. nagtry ako sa imgur, sabi di daw pwede..

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  16. yun na e singit na yung sayo heheh thanks
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  17. xSilent

    xSilent Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    sge boss hehe.. edit muna ako ng signature ko :happy:
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  18. 500x150 masmaganda
  19. xSilent

    xSilent Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    oo nga hehe.. nga pala, di pala pwede .png no? xD hehe kala ko pwede :)
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