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Trivia How to Look Skinny

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by Yours, Jan 15, 2016.

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    You may wish to achieve a slimmer appearance in order to help you get ahead or meet new people. This can be done in several ways, either through dressing in clothing that is best suited to your body or by getting healthier through diet and exercise. Read below to learn how to get a thinner and healthier look.

    Flatter Your Body
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      Dress for your body type. Be sure that you are wearing the best clothing for the shape of your body. Everyone is shaped differently. This is normal. To look your best, you should be sure to dress in a way that flatters your natural shape. Please or Register to view links This will make you look naturally thinner. Whatever your shape, remember to wear clothing that fits. Oversize and baggy clothing will make you appear to be fuller figured, regardless of shape.
      • Circle: This is when you tend to gain weight around your stomach but not so much elsewhere. With a body type like this, it is best to accentuate the chest and limbs while hiding the stomach. Wear clothing that is loose-fitting around your stomach but tight-fitting elsewhere. An example of this would be be an empire waist shirt paired with skinny jeans.
      • Rectangle: This is when you have hips, waist, and shoulders that are roughly the same width. With this body type, you will want to create the impression of curves. This will make your waist seem smaller. Wear clothing that fits closely at your waist but flares at the bottom. An example outfit would include a fitted top with a belt and circle skirt.
      • Triangle: This body type is when you have broad shoulders but narrow hips. While this body type tends to look naturally slim, you may still wish to wear clothing which gives the appearance of hips. This will make your shoulders look narrower. Avoid shirts with puffed shoulders and wear skirts which flare or are full.
      • Hourglass: This body type includes a narrow waist but wide hips and large bust. With this body type, it is best to emphasize your waist and keep your upper and lower body proportional. Form-fitting tops with skinny jeans or a skirt look good on this body type and belts are key to emphasizing your small waist.
      • Pear: This is when you have a small waist and chest but large hips. With this body type, it is best to draw attention and add volume to the upper half of your body and de-emphasize the lower half. This will create a more balanced look which will draw focus to your small waist. An example outfit would include a jacket with a structured shoulder and pants with a straight leg and no pockets.
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