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How to Increase Internet Speed using Google Chrome

Discussion in 'Web & Internet' started by delfermil30, Aug 21, 2015.

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    Disables usage statistics of Google Chrome:

    This option is used to help in Development of Google chrome, It send your usage data to Google so that based on that they can further improve Chrome. But if you are worried about system performance you should disable it . To disable this go to tools menu >> Options >> Advanced and uncheck the check box which says Send usage data to Google….

    Disable DNS Preload in Google Chrome:

    This will prevent Google chrome to keep DNS info in their cache. Most of time it is unnecessary if you have a good connection of at least 256kbps or more. It is recommended only for slow dial up connection or Mobile users who actually spend a lot f time in DNS query during browsing. To disable this you have to go Options> Under the Hood >> Privacy – There are 2 checkboxes one says ‘Use a web service to help resolve navigational errors’ and second is ‘ use a prediction service to help complete searches and URL’s typed in address bar’.
    You can disable both option or any one of them, first one is used only if you make a mistake while typing any URL while other one is activated by default everytime you start typing a URL.

    Disable anti-phishing filter:

    If you are advanced web user and you know how a phishing site look like or you know how to prevent from them you can disable this option. But if you are not at all comfortable working without phishing filters or don;t want to take risk you should keep it as it is . Disabling this not only saves your CPU time but also save your Internet bandwidth. This option can also be disabled from Wrench Icon >> Options >> Under The Hood >> Privacy >> Uncheck ‘Enable phishing and malware protection’.

    Clear browsing data regularly:

    While Chrome does not yet make an automatic cleaning of your history, in any browser I’ve tested this is essential if you want to prevent degradation. Go to the Tools menu (the wrench) and choose the “Clear browsing data”. Of course, remember to choose from in the box “Clear data from this period” the option “All” if you will not be eliminated leaving only the latest and old history. Repeat this step from time to time, weekly or monthly, whichever you prefer.
    Disable Useless function which we don’t use normally:

    To options that are mentioned below you need to edit the properties of Chrome shortcut which you are using to start the browser. To Change it, right click on the Chrome icon and choose “Properties.” this will open a windows with the “Shortcut” tab, in this tab there is a box called “Destination”. You have to change things in this box itself.

    Disable Java box:

    if you are using Windows Vista it should go like this — :“C:Users\AppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe -disable-java”
    and if you are using Windows XP: “C:Documents and Settings%username% Local SettingsApplication DataGoogleChrome.exe”
    The options which we are adding after the full path of chrome can be used one after the other leaving a space between. You don’t need to write the entire path every time you are using a new options. Here are the option which can be used

    This will disable Developers tool which is not used by a normal user for sure.

    This will disable looging of browser activity, This log files are useful only in case of Crash or Other error which prevent you from using browsers. if you are experiencing any such problem and need to know the reason you can enable this option. but in general you don’t need these log files. By disabling this you will certainly save CPU RAM and Hard disk space.


    This option will disable gathering of Usage Statistics data. This is used by Google and we don’t need it any how so you can safely disable this option.
    If you disabled Metrics system there is no point in keeping Metrics reporting On, as there won’t be any data to send across. Disable it for sure.


    Java on the web is rarely used these days and it greatly slow downs your browsers performance. If you not running any online application which uses Java or Java Applets you can safely disable this feature. This will prevent you from playing number of Online Java Games though. (like Yahoo Games)

    Disable-java script:

    This will disable all kinds of JavaScript from being run on the web pages you visit. This is not recommended at all as most of the sites these days are using some kind of JavaScript, to display pages. By Disabling JavaScript you will not be able to see these site properly and they will behave improprly. This is why disabling JavaScript is not recommended.


    This will disable all plugins including Flash player and other media player. After applying this modification you won’t be able to see a lot of media sites properly including ÿôutubê. If you understand impact of disabling this go ahead and do it otherwise don;t use this option.


    This will disable all images on all Webpages you browse, if you are using low bandwidth conection like GPRS or Dial Up it will be very useful for you as it will save a lot of bandwidth for you. This will make your browser an text only browser. So be sure you need it that way before making these changes.
    Tips mentioned above are quite useful in improving response time of your browser. and some of these are good for saving bandwidth as well. If you know something better then Please don't forget to share with us in the comment section below. Please or Register to view links
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