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Tutorial How to Increase Internet Speed on Android Phone

Discussion in 'Android Internet Tricks' started by delfermil30, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Everyone who uses internet on their android phones or tablet want to know how to increase internet speed. Now in the era of technology mostly people use internet on their phones and many of them have android devices.
    But many users are not aware that their internet connection speed depends mostly on the apps installed.

    For example, using of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & other internet related apps will consume internet consumption fully.

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    1) Browser selection

    If you are a 2G user, then it is preferred that you use browsers that are suitable for mobile browsing. Some of the browsers available in the Google Play Store are especially designed for slow net connections(2G Speed) . It optimizes the browsing page to be shown in slow connections.
    • Opera Mini
    • UC Browser Mini for Android

    And for 3G (or Wi-Fi) users, there are a lot of browsers available, since the browsing speed is higher, there is no need of optimization.
    • Chrome Browser
    • Firefox Browser for Android
    • Boat Browser for Android
    • Dolphin Browser for Android

    2) Clear cache of your android phone or tablet

    When cache memory is full then it slows down your android device which in return slows down internet speed. So clearing cache memory regularly can do the trick for you and can increase internet speed on android phone.
    This usually found in, Settings -> Applications (the desired browser) -> Clean Cache

    3) Choose loading maximum data option

    In wireless and network settings of your android phone you find GPRS transfer prefer. There you have to select data prefer instead of call prefer. This will have a positive impact on internet speed. (this option may not be available to some phones)

    4) Closing and deleting of unnecessary apps

    Running unnecessary apps uses android processor and a lot of burden on processor reduces internet speed. So close all unnecessary apps before using internet and its better to delete apps which you are not going to use in future.

    Settings-> Applications-> Click on the desired (or unwanted) application-> Force Stop
    Doing this so, reduces the internet usage by this application. This Force stopped app can be normally opened by clicking on its icon in the menu.

    5) Switch to 3G network

    As you all know that 3G is technology whose data rate is far greater than th 2G mobile technology. So switching to 3G technology can boost internet speed on android. For this you just have to change some settings of your android phone. So just go to wireless and network settings of your android and look for mobile network option in which you have to select 3G option. And after that you feel it enhances internet speed many times than when you are using 2G.Settings-> Mobile Networks-> 3G Networks (this option may differ from mobile with respect to manufacturer)

    6) Applications to increase internet speed

    Internet speed master is a free android app that can increase internet speed on your phone or tablet. The advantage of this app is it not only work with rooted android phones but also with non rooted devices.
    By using this app, it also performs the above task such as cleaning cache(automatically) , it can offer 20% to 30% of faster data speed.
    • DU Speed Booster
    • Internet Booster & Optimizer
    • Faster Internet 2X
    • Internet Speed Master
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