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Tutorial How to hck most android game

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by sichi23, May 21, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone..here i want to share a simple but effective hcking method on most offline android game..(i just successfully finished hâckïng Hill Climb Racing, Angrygran2 and Rail Rush)

    1. Download ScanMem - Please or Register to view links
    It's going to scan and modify the memory of your phone's running processes.

    2. Extract the file on your desktop. Plug in your phone and put the extracted file onto your SD card.

    3. Use Root Explorer to copy the file and move it to /system/xbin

    4. With Root Explorer, long press the sm file and choose permissions. Go ahead and give it full permissions for each group.

    5. Then u need to get Terminal Emulator installed. Please or Register to view links

    1. Run a game of your choice---like Rail Rush
    2. Say you want to hack the gold. You have 521 golds.
    3. Press home key to back out. Run Terminal Emulator.
    4. Type "su" (without quotes) to give yourself superuser permissions.
    5. Type "ps" to scan the running processes.
    6. Type "sm" to start scanmem.
    7. Scross up to the very top of the processes. You should see PID. You want to look down the process list for the game you are playing and find the PID. Say you found it and it's 10245
    8. type pid 10245 and press enter. When that finishes running, you know you have 521 golds so in the terminal type 521 (no comma).
    9. Hold down the home key and go back to the game. Spend or make some more gold. The value needs to change. So now we have 568 golds. Hold the home key and switch to terminal. Type 568. It should say so many matches found. Keep doing this until one match is found. If it keeps saying 2 or 3 and won't go any lower, that's fine.
    10. Now that you have a match. Type "set 999999" and press enter. Go back into the game and you should have 999999 dollars. This can be used for games with credit coins, tokens, gold and all that crap. Only offline though. If the data is on a server, it won't work. If you're connected to the server, it won't work.

    p/s : Sadly, this method also can't hack Wonder Zoo's peanut..why so hard?[​IMG]

    credit to zRelik (xda)..

    Note: hindi akin to nakita ko lang hope gumana sanyu. feedback nalang po
  2. calypso

    calypso Forum Veteran Established

    ang hirap naman yan.. hehehe

    tip ko:

    root ur phone
    download sb game hacker or game killer..

    salamat sa post and keep sharing..
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  3. Salamat boss. Matry nga :D
  4. feedback nalang po pag may gumana salamat
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