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Smart & TalknText How to Have FREE Internet? Bug Your KickStart Data SIM or Jump-In SIM

Discussion in 'Free Internet Tricks' started by gensanmixclub, Sep 22, 2015.


    I haven't posted for weeks and with that I return with a not-so-new trick as this is old already in the bugging world but still kicking and working great. This tutorial will bug your KickStart Data SIM through the so-called the "babad" mode. One advantage of this trick is, the SIM used in this guide is the cheapest of all the LTE SIMs out there. The KickStart Data SIM can be bought for only PhP20 (supposed to be) but other retailers are profiting from it with 2 pesos or 5 pesos "patong" depending on your location. You can also buy the Jump-In SIM (Student SIM) if KickStart Data is not available in your location. These SIMs are preferred in this guide and they have FREE 10MB allocation. You don't have to load any amount unless---, the bugging failed you have to do the "pakain" trick. Pakain tricks are your Plan B in case the 10MB allocation from your new SIM is already consumed and yet you still cannot have the FREE unlimited internet. I will discuss the "pakain" trick later in the post. Another thing, I wasn't posting it before because it takes about 1-5 hours to make it work but now, I think this guide is worth the wait as it has been kicking for more than months already. Working as of September 17, 2015

    Disclaimer: This tutorial may not work for all of us 100% because of location/area variability, you might want to mix and match the procedures to come up with the working version for your SIM and location. The tips provided in this tutorial are very helpful to your bugging process. Important factors are: IP used, enrolled promos, load protect, APN and internet signal (3G/LTE).

    1. Insert your new KickStart Data SIM (or Jump-IN SIM) to the SIM compartment of your USB Broadband stick or pocket wifi then connect your device to the internet using the APN: smartbro. To do this, go to your broadband dashboard, go to Settings}} Profile Management}} New Profile and input the following values: kickstart config.png

    2. Make use of your FREE 10MB from the new SIM by browsing sites or downloading files and once it is consumed, wait for 1-3 hours while your modem is still ON and connected to your laptop/PC. This is where the "babad" mode starts. In this step, you just let your laptop/desktop sit for a while without using your internet browser or anything, just let it sit and settle. I suggest you do this before you go to bed so when you awake, the bugging is fully established and it will let you have the FREE unli internet from Smart.
    3. After the wait, open your internet browser and start browsing sites. If you can surf the internet or watch ÿôutubê videos without your browser being redirected to the the SmartBro Insufficient Load Dashboard or Safezone page, then Congratulations! You now have a bugged SIM and a FREE unli internet.

    If you were redirected to the SmartBro/Safezone dashboard after the hours of waiting step, you have to do the pakain trick. Choose one from these options:
    1. Load Php5.00 to your SIM and register to the BigByte 5 from your SmartBro dashboard and once it is consumed, wait for more than 1 hour before you start browsing.
    2. You can register to LTE50 and an hour before expiration of your load, go to airplane mode and wait for more than 3 hours again before you start browsing.
    3. You can send SUPER10 to 9999 for PhP10. That code may work when all else fail.

    If you are no longer redirected to the dashboardafter you completed the pakain trick, then jump and say, "Sa wakas!". But if you are still being redirected to the dashboard, try changing the APN to http.globe.com.ph and redo the tutorial. If you're still redirected to the dashboard, try using the tips below or try your luck with another SIM, I suggest the cheap student SIM (Jump-In SIM).

    If you already have a KickStart SIM and it no longer has the FREE 10MB data, opt for the pakain trick then follow the steps 1-3 above.

    If you were able to successfully bug your SIM but has been redirected to the Smart Dashboard after a while, redo the tutorial using pakain trick.

    Bug Status.png
    You can also try this using your mobile phones and do the babad trick using the airplane mode of your phone. If you cannot do airplane mode, make sure that you are connected to the internet but with NO running apps in the background that can access the internet within the babad time.

    That's it, may the odds be in your favor! Don't let the wait keep you frustrated, enjoy!

    A word of precaution, don't abuse the bandwidth of your internet, monitor your download or else your 4G or LTE speed will be downgraded to 3G forever (wala nga palang forever, hehe). When you do this tutorial, be prepared to combine and mix the tricks mentioned above.
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  2. first blood try this later ts bz pa sa work:)
  3. Is this yours? Give credits to owner bro (y)
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  4. mckoy009

    mckoy009 Addict Established

    working ni sa gensan idol?
  5. gensan area ko :)
  6. ibang site po ito :)
  7. mckoy009

    mckoy009 Addict Established

    calumpang ako..working ni? try ko ha..thanks
  8. try lang UHAW ra ko :)
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  9. Sabi ko na nga ba e. Parang nabasa ko na kasi 'to dati (y)
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  10. pero working pa rin ito :)
  11. ts pwede gawin yong bug sa android
  12. sa isang blogsite ko ito nabasa pero hindi ko natry, pero si ts na nagsabi na working as of sept 17 so e tatry ko na siya hehe thanks
  13. try ko to boss salamat
  14. nice 1 pa try po salamat
  15. pokz5

    pokz5 Forum Veteran Established

    matry nga to,salamat sa info boss.
  16. I think this guide is worth the wait as it has been kicking for more than months already. Working as of September 17, 2015.. LOL.. BTW thanks
  17. numluck08

    numluck08 Forum Veteran Established

    merong similarity kay JMH ung bug nato but thanks dito bosts
  18. thanks for sharing... •?•
  19. matagal na etong bug na ito, and this is from a blog. anyway, as long as it's working... try nyo nalang. remember, this is babad mode trick, not an on/off trick. once na pinatay nyo ang modem/pocket wifi/stick, wala ng connection. (y)
  20. dami ko natutunan about bugging,nasasamasama na sa uTak ko kung paanu gawin ang bug..pro dkopa tinatry nag eenjoy pa kc me sa tricks ni idol JMMH..cguro pagnawala na ito maritwal na din ako..thnx bugers
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