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Tutorial How to Hack a Website with Basic HTML Coding

Discussion in 'Coding, Programming' started by DCCS, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. 1. Open the site you want to hack. Provide wrong username/password combination in its log in form. (e.g. : Username : me and Password: ' or 1=1 --)An error will occur saying wrong username-password. Now be prepared your experiment starts from here.

    2. Right click anywhere on that error page =>> go to view source.

    3. View the source code. There you can see the HTML coding with JavaScript.• There you find something like this....<_form action="...Login....">• Before this login information copy the URL of the site in which you are. (e.g. :"< _form..........action= Please or Register to view links.......>")

    4. Delete the JavaScript from the above that validates your information in the server. Do this very carefully.—Your success in hâckïng the site depends upon how efficiently you delete the java script code that validates your account information.

    5. Take a close look for "<_input name="password" type="password">"[without quotes] -> replace "<_type=password>" with "<_type=text>".
    See there if maximum length of password is less than 11 then increase it to 11 (e.g. : if then write ).

    Please or Register to view links

    6. Go to file => save as and save it anywhere in your hard disk with
    ext.html (e.g.: c:\chan.html).

    7. Reopen your target web page by double clicking 'chan.
    html' file that you saved in your hard disk earlier.• You see that some changes in current page as compared to original One. Don't worry.

    8. Provide any username
    [e.g.: hacker] and password [e.g.:' or 1=1 --] You have successfully ©râcked the above website and entered into the account of List user saved in the server's database.

    TN: This is not mine but i learn from this tutorial (y)
  2. this might not work kapag pinadaan ang data through AJAX (using JQuery).
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  3. Yup :) para 'to sa mga old website like 2010-2012 or so on ginawa na gumagamit ng old HTML method (y)
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  4. copyMerk

    copyMerk Forum Veteran Established

    Not working din kung PHP script yung mag checheck ng posted data/s.
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  5. Well yeah. This is for HTML script not for PHP script :)
  6. derx

    derx El Vampiro Staff Member Moderator

  7. (y) aral-aral na haha.
  8. KSFAliah

    KSFAliah Addict Established

    Thanks for sharing (y)
  9. Thanks for this informative article boss :)
  10. thanks & nice information for those who are starting to know the ins & outs of html
  11. teotwawki16

    teotwawki16 Grasshopper Established

  12. jumel24

    jumel24 Addict Established

  13. g33onama17

    g33onama17 Addict Established

    pang oldies na method :) pero thanks for sharing TS :)

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