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Tutorial How to get unlimited time in the internet café's

Discussion in 'Game Cheats' started by paxpeace, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. How to get unlimited time in Internet Café's
    Today we're going to learn how to disable the timer on the computers in Internet
    Let's go through the steps, shall we?
    1. Create a New Text Document.
    2. Then type CMD in it.
    3. And then save it as anything.bat
    (Make sure the file do NOT end on .txt, but on .bat)
    4. Go to the location were you saved the .bat file and run it. If you've done this
    correctly, you'll see that Command Prompt is open.
    5. Now that Command Prompt is open, type in: Regedit
    (This will change the directory to Windows)
    (This will get you to the registry editor gui)
    6. Now navigate to:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Appevents>software>classes>microsoft>windows>current version>internet settings>policies>system.

    7. Then on the right pane where it says Disable Taskmanager, right click on it, and
    scroll down to modify, and than change the value of it to "0".
    8. And then open Windows Task Manager
    9. And then disable the Internet Cafe's timer.
    If you did this right, then you're done! Well done

    Tested and working ;);)
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  2. UNO001

    UNO001 Honorary Poster Established

    Ok to boss eh paano yung sa server PC na timer disable din yun?
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  4. UNO001

    UNO001 Honorary Poster Established

    Eh di huli din pala boss. XD

    Eh di huli din pala boss. XD
  5. haha pero pwedeng damitin 2 sa mga malalaking internet cafe or ung maraming units pla punta ka sa ga sulok solok n d ka mapapansin ng staff ng server :ROFLMAO:;):X3:
  6. Masubukan nga sa tnc
  7. Wag kalang pahuli baka pusas ng guard ang abutin mo. Hahhaa. Working sinubukan koyan dati. Pero hindi yan gagana sa piso net, yong internet na hulog barya.
  8. Ok yan boss, mahirap lang pag na huli ka. Hehe. Gagana ba yan boss sa E-TECHNOLOGIES TIME CLIENT?
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