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How to Free Up Space on iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone Applications' started by Yours, Feb 24, 2016.

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    How to Free Up Space on iPhone?

    Storage space is a big issue in almost all devices, be it Windows based or Mac based. Same is the case for Android and iPhone devices. The more storage space, the more will be the accumulation of data, especially images. Annoyed by running out of storage space? Calm down. We’ll show you how easy it is to free up space on iPhone.

    Most of the time, they are junk files, photos and apps that occupy space on your iPhone. So, this problem can be resolved by removing the junk data that can result in optimized storage space and reducing the storage space occupied by photos and apps.

    Download Free Trial: Please or Register to view links (available for Mac or PC).

    Functional Features Offered by the software

    Let’s explore what potential features are incorporated in this software.

    • iMyfone Umate removes corrupt junk as well as the image junk that occupies excess space over storage media
    • Storage space is enhanced as the software manages the apps that are not required frequently or used ever
    • iMyfone Umate automatically saves photos to a backup folder before the compression
    • Photo files are compressed up to a noticeable extent without affecting the clarity and precision of the image
    Note: iMyfone software claims that third party app junk file clean-up is only available for iOS8.2 and below versions since all the third-party file management programs aren’t able to access the directories since iOS 8.3.

    How to Free Up Space on iPhone

    1. Download the software called iMyfone Umate (available for Mac or PC) on your computer. Other software is also available with function limited to clean alone, so we recommend iMyfone Umate.
    2. Install it over the Mac or Windows machine and register to free up space on iPhone. Once iMyfone Umate is installed, it asks to connect the device (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

    3. After your iPhone (or iPad, iPod) is connected to the computer, you will see the following screen. Clean-up, compression and App manager are enlisted on the software panel.


    4. The next step asks you to scan for junk files, photos and apps. If you prefer skipping the quick scan, you can choose the function you want to apply by clicking on it. After the scan, you will see how much storage space can be released.


    5. Once the scan results are listed, you can begin to free up iPhone space by just a click on an appropriate option. Let’s see how to operate one by one. After you click on clean button, the junk files will be removed from your iPhone. So is compress and uninstall.


    Speed that the software takes in processing junk files and removing them from the device solely depends upon the volume of junk files accumulated in the device. The higher the number of junk files and unused apps the more time will be taken by the application. No compromise is done with the integrity of data while removing junk documents.


    Note: Backup is created automatically on the computer before performing the compression of image files. Clarity as well as precision of images is well taken care of while compressing the files, so no need to worry about ruining your photos.


    Note: The software functionality on Mac is similar with the same steps, it’s quite self-descriptive.

    As a whole, the software works in accordance to the functional features, it is meant to perform in an efficient way. During the software testing, no functional flaws are found in the features of iMyfone Umate, and the licensed edition works absolutely well and fulfils user expectations completely.

    It is quite common for iPhone users to run out of storage space. If you are desperately looking for a solution, Please or Register to view links (available for Mac or PC) is potential software worth a try. The software is available in trial version so that you won’t need to make any investment before you experience the function and understand how it works.

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  16. Oh,To celebrate Mother's Day, the developers of this tool are providing free licenses to users. Please or Register to view links
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