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Tutorial how to force buffer yôutubê video and accelerate !

Discussion in 'Web & Internet' started by l3nn0x, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. l3nn0x

    l3nn0x Addict Established

    share ko lang working kasi to sakin sana makatulong sa inyo....

    download SmartVideo extension for google chrome Please or Register to view links
    -The link to enable ÿôutubê Html5 player Please or Register to view links
    -download ÿôutubê Center extension Please or Register to view links

    Tags ignore it:
    Fixed: Top 6 Best Tricks & Tips Ever To Speed Up Buffering/Loading ÿôutubê Videos & strêâmïng 2015
    Speed Up ÿôutubê Buffering (REALLY EASY!)
    Advanced Ways To Make ÿôutubê Videos Buffer Faster 2015
    Fix ÿôutubê not buffering, no 1080p and more !
    Buffering Video...
    How to fix ÿôutubê slow buffering speeds
    ÿôutubê, Buffering, Trick, Tips, Tutorial, 2015, smartvideo for ÿôutubê, HTML5 player, SpeedBit Video Accelerator, Buffering Problems, Fast loading.

    Do you have a slow internet connection ?Do ÿôutubê videos takes a lot of time buffering and loading? The solution is in this article. I am going to show you top 6 sure solutions to this problem.

    How to Speed Up Buffering/Loading ÿôutubê Videos 2015 (Top 6 Best Tricks And Tips That You Missed)

    #1 Using SmartVideo For ÿôutubê™ extension:
    This extension will split ÿôutubê videos to many parts so as to speed up loading it. It's really usefull and effective especially because you can find this extension in google chrome and firefox.
    Download the google chrome extension from here, for firefox from here.

    #2 Using the new ÿôutubê Html5 player:
    recently, ÿôutubê began to use the Html5 player which makes videos load faster. To enable it you have to go to this link and make sure that all choices are checked.

    #3 Blocking some IP adresses :
    Blocking these IP adresses will speed up buffering ÿôutubê videos. To do it just follow these simple steps:
    - press the windows button then write "cmd"
    -right click the cmd icon and run as administrator.
    - copy and paste this code in bold and press Enter: netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”ÿôutubêTweak” dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes
    -close the cmd and restart your internet connection .

    #4 Using SPEEDbit video accelerator :
    this software is very small and light but helpful. It accelerates HQ videos, and if you activate it you can accelerate HD videos and Itunes downloads as well.
    You can download SPEEDbit videos accelerator from here.

    #5 I will show you this amazing trick that you won't believe: to speed up loading videos and strêâmïng in all platforms. Just follow these steps:
    - click "CTRL+R" to open up the run window.
    - then write "ping + the video URL"
    - Hit Enter and close the run window.

    #6 Using ÿôutubê Center extension:
    This extension allow you to manage all ÿôutubê settings. It will help you a lot however, it doesn't work in google chrome as good as in firefox. You can download it to firefox frome here, and to chrome from here.

    if you will apply these tips you will be able to watch ÿôutubê videos and strêâmïng without buffering even you have a slow internet connection.

    feedback nalang kung ok sa inyo pa like and thanks is highly appreciated
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2015
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  2. pwd ba to pang android dude?
  3. l3nn0x

    l3nn0x Addict Established

    sorry dude d ko pa to na try sa android tingin ko hindi pwede pero may iba pa namang tricks para sa android search ka lang
  4. okie tnx for sharing black ÿôutubê na app lng gamit ko ngayon hnd xia buffering sa video sa website lng buffering :-D
  5. aldwin25

    aldwin25 Eternal Poster Established

    ah ganon pala,salamat ts.
  6. l3nn0x

    l3nn0x Addict Established

    hindi ba may virus ang black ÿôutubê?

    alin dun boss?
  7. BeChay

    BeChay Eternal Poster Established

    sa android try using modded na tubemate app...sa PC naman simpleng tweak lang sa IDM nyo ok na DL nyo but for strêâmïng ÿôutubê videos maganda itong paraan ni TS :) Salamat
  8. oswack

    oswack Honorary Poster Established

    pa try TS, thanks for sharing.
  9. l3nn0x

    l3nn0x Addict Established

    welcome po

    welcome po , feedback nalang po kung ok sa inyo
  10. TS walang para sa Firefox?
    BTW Thanks for sharing
  11. thanks for sharing... •?•

    san po pwedeng ma-download ung black ÿôutubê at modded tubemate app mga bossing...?
  12. l3nn0x

    l3nn0x Addict Established

    Please or Register to view links yan po para sa firefox smartvideo extension
  14. SpecTro_MaXx

    SpecTro_MaXx Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    hitted tol thanks for sharing (y) pero move muna natin itong thread mo tol nasa maling board kasi :)
  15. pokz5

    pokz5 Forum Veteran Established

    boss lahat ba nun tricks gagawin sabay sabay o isa lan dun ok na?
  16. boss ung speedbit ntry ko dti nvirus pc ko.
  17. l3nn0x

    l3nn0x Addict Established

    ah ganun po ba sorry po sir:(

    ganun ba sir baka ung lumang version yun .. pero 2 weeks ko palang naman gamit to eh.. wala naman ako napansin na except mas bumilis ang ÿôutubê video ko.. pero wag mo muna try .. feed back ako kung ok after 1 month na wala talagang virus..

    try mo boss kung may magbabago pag isa lang ginawa mo.. pero tinry ko lahat eh..
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  18. BeChay

    BeChay Eternal Poster Established

    hwag na lang gamitin si speedbit mga ka PHC dahil medyo suspicious po sya...naging unstable lappy ko kaya uninstall ko agad...di nga nabubura kaya ginamitan ko ng matinding anti adware/malware at ginamitan ko ng auto repair ng anticrash app ko para makabalik at makarecover hehe install at your own risk na lang pero beside nung speedbit app ok naman ang the rest na process :)
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  19. l3nn0x

    l3nn0x Addict Established

    ni re-scan ko ang speedbit ko .. and mukang may suspicious nga kaya uninstall ko na .. wag nyo na sya install .. sensya sa lahat:(
  20. Keep Sharing and Keep up the Good Work po!!! ^_^
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