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Trivia how to find love in your 20s and 30s

Discussion in 'Love' started by Yours, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. 10 tricks on how to find love in your 20s and 30s

    1. Figure Out Things That You Are Looking For
    Do you try to find love? What are you looking for? Understanding this will help you open up better paths in the process of finding love. You had better determine the kind of partner that you are looking for and the most important aspects of your dreamed partner. Acknowledging how to find love also means acknowledging what you want in a partner. Yet, you should not sweat over too small stuff. Though it is not easy to make the checklist in love, yet it is always better to make a list beforehand if you want to know how to find love. In fact, checklist is essential in those Please or Register to view links.
    2. Figure Out Things That Your Partner Is Looking For
    After knowing what you want in a partner, you should start figuring out things that your partner will look for in their other half. This sounds tricky, but quite logical. By doing so, you will know what you need to do to adapt with their wants, in the future.
    3. “I Am What I Seek”
    Looking for love is a mind-set which leads people to believe that love is outside of them. People look out for someone who has “their love” and “is” their love. For you, you hope to find your love, so that you could find love. Nevertheless, looking for love is not about finding another person. Fact is, it is all about finding your heart. “I am what I seek”. This is one of the most complicated things when it comes to how to find love.

    4. Do Not Make Your Search For A Love The Center Of Your Life
    You need to concentrate on those activities that you enjoy, your career, health and relationships with friends and family. When focusing on Please or Register to view links, it will keep your life balanced and also make you a more interesting person when meeting someone special.

    5. First Impression Are Not Always Reliable
    Sometimes, people let the Please or Register to view links control the feelings they have towards a certain person. Especially when it comes to online dating, people do not always precisely portray their own. No matter how and where you meet someone, it often takes time to get to know a person, in truth. You need to experience being with someone in various situations, some good and some not good, before you can understand him or her.
    6. Be Honest About Your Shortcomings
    How to find love? Well, no one is perfect. All have a certain flaw and even several. For a long term relationship, you might want someone who could love you for the real you, not ht person you want to be, or the person that he/she desires about. Oftentimes, what you think a flaw might really be something that other people find appealing and quirky. So, you should be honest about your flaws and shortcoming as well. That way, you will encourage that person to do similarly, creating a truthful, fulfilling relationship
    7. Invest In The Vertical Relationship Before Investing In The Horizontal One
    You should not be too fast to make have any sexual interaction with the person you are getting to know, no matter how truthful and how lovely he/she is because it often becomes more difficult for you to develop a good vertical relationship afterwards. Get to know that person first, as it will lead to a much more satisfying sexual relationship down the road
    8. Learn To Deal With Rejection Gracefully
    For most people, at some point of their search to find a love, they have to handle with rejection. Some individuals could overcome that situation with anger, anxiety, or embarrassment when coped with rejection. Some are frightened of it occurring again, so they might avoid dating or Please or Register to view links.
    On the other hand, some find it rather hard to reject another person; they might find themselves caught up in the unhealthy, prolonged relationships. Hence, if you stay positive and be honest with other people and yourself as well, dealing with rejection could be far less intimidating. In fact, the key to accept that rejection is such an inevitable part of dating yet to not spend too much time on worrying about it.
    In order to deal with rejection effectively, you should:

    · Not take it personally
    · Not dwell on it, yet learn from your experience
    · Understand your own feelings

    9. Invest In That Relationship
    Suppose that you are getting to know a person, then you need to invest in that relationship. No relationship could run smoothly without frequent attention. Thus, you should ask yourself if you are ready to invest both time and attempt into a relationship. That way, you will knowhow to find love that you are always dream of. Normally, after the initial blush of romance has faded, couples will switch off from the other person, yet the more you invest in the other person, the more you develop to care.
    10. Accept Changes
    Remember that, every relationship will change at some point of life. Also, it will go through both good and bad stages, yet overall a healthy relationship should bring good to you. It should get the best you out and not only make you happier, but make you a much better person than you were before: more empathic, kinder, and more generous.
    Above are top 10 tips on how to find love that you need to acknowledge. Knowing the law of attraction is necessary for those who want to find their soul mate and true love without too much effort. Hopefully this article has helped you somehow.
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