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Question How to find a working proxy?

Discussion in 'Internet Tricks Questions' started by nutzy45, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. nutzy45

    nutzy45 Enthusiast Established

    It has come to my attention that members ask for working proxy servers and then this is shown / posted on Facebook stream. With this, the tendency is the active proxy is blocked/disabled and free net is gone.

    I'm just a leecher in this group. I also want to find active proxies so I could help other members. So, here goes my questions:

    1. How do we find a working proxy and its IP if it is needed for the configuration?
    2. How do we know / test that it is working and is accessible?
    3. If we change the PROXY SERVER, do we have to change the REAL PROXY SERVER and the PORT?

    If anyone could give me some insights into this, thanks a lot.
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  2. I would love to know as well the answer for all of your questions :) sino po kaya makakasagot nyan ?
  3. Ako rin gusto ko malaman, para hindi ako isa sa mga nagaabang lang...
  4. nutzy45

    nutzy45 Enthusiast Established

    Malay natin nasa harapan na natin yung working proxy tapos di naman natin alam paano mag-identify. :)
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  5. Wow english kuya astig. Hehehe....
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  6. nutzy45

    nutzy45 Enthusiast Established

    Sorry po, medyo bulol ako magtagalog. :)
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  7. gunelon

    gunelon Enthusiast Established

    Tanong ko rin yan e. Hirap ksi puro established lng hindi nawawalan ng working proxy
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  8. ouch! masakit sa ilong ts.. bka nga meron sa kapit bahay..hehehe
  9. hillman231

    hillman231 Grasshopper Established

    up natin to.. sana my mka sagot..
  10. shockz28

    shockz28 Addict Established

    si dzebb makakasagot nyan

    asan ka yun si master #dzebb??
  11. veyron24

    veyron24 Addict Established

    ipaalam na yan heheh
  12. zhxulie

    zhxulie Enthusiast Established

  13. Ako alam ko yan hahahahha
  14. nutzy45

    nutzy45 Enthusiast Established

    Mas makakatulong kasi kung tayo users alam kung ano ang ating kailangan at paano makita kesa abang lang tayo nang abang tas yung masagap natin panis na. I think leechers can relate to this.
  15. I.t makaksagot nyan buti na lang hahahaha
  16. zhxulie

    zhxulie Enthusiast Established

    yung ibng spy wait lng din hahaha need nila matuto kung pnu mg hnap ng proxy ng di nag spy hahaha
  17. lorc4n

    lorc4n Addict Established

    ping ping ping...kung magreply it means alive yan ang alam ko..but the question is where to find a live proxy
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