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Tutorial How to factory reset a laptop with a recovery partition

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by La Freak, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. La Freak

    La Freak Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Restore your laptop back to its original settings
    Restore your laptop to factory settings, If you need to give your laptop fresh start, we’ll tell you how to factory reset a laptop.
    Restoring your laptop to the state it came out of the factory can be handy for a number of different reasons. Perhaps you’re having problems with your laptop’s performance, a virus or you simply want to sell it on and remove all your programs, files, passwords and other sensitive information. In these situations, a recovery partition is your friend.
    It’s a little more difficult than a smartphone or a tablet but we’ll show you how to do it step by step.

    Most laptops don’t come with recovery discs any more but if yours does then this is still a fairly easy way of performing a factory reset. If you didn’t get any discs in the box, then there’s a good chance your laptop has a recovery partition.

    This is a hidden part of the hard drive which safely stores a complete copy of Windows, drivers and extra programs. You can use it return your laptop to the exact state it was in the first day you had it – and it will perform just the same, too. This guide will show you how to access and use the recovery partitions to factory reset your laptop.

    Please bëâr in mind that the processor will vary between different brands of laptops and even different models. The recovery software will be called various names for each brand of laptop, along the lines of ‘recovery manager’. We’ve done our best to put together a ‘one size fits all’ guide.

    In general this will work for Windows 7 and previous versions but Windows 8 laptops will typically have a recovery application which is launched from within Windows so check your app menu.

    How to factory reset a laptop
    Step One

    Backup any data which you wish to keep before performing a factory reset. You will probably want to copy everything from your user folders, including documents, photos, music and videos. The factory reset will delete all these along with any programs you’ve installed since you got your laptop.

    Step Two

    Start-up or reboot your laptop.


    Step Three

    During the start-up process, hit the appropriate F key or key combination which we have listed below for your manufacturer.


    Note: There is often a small window of opportunity to strike the key so don’t worry if it takes you a few attempts. We advise pressing the key multiple times.

    Acer – Alt + F10

    Asus – F9

    Dell/Alienware – F8

    HP – F11

    Lenovo – F11

    MSI – F3

    Samsung – F4

    Sony – F10

    Toshiba – 0 (not numpad) while turning on, release key when Toshiba logo appears

    If these keys don’t work then look out for a message in the screen during startup which might indicate how to start the recovery process. You might need to check your recovery partition is enabled in the BIOS. It’s also possible your laptop might not have a recovery partition (or it may have been deleted) so we’re making no guarantees here. You might need to contact your manufacturer.

    Step Four

    You should see instructions on the screen explaining how to proceed. Different manufacturers use different software to restore the ‘disk image’ from the recovery partition, so we can’t provide specific guidance. However, the process is almost always automatic once you’ve confirmed you definitely want to proceed, so it might be a case of waiting for 30 minutes for the job to happen in one go, but some systems restore Windows first, and then install drivers and programs automatically when Windows first boots. If that’s the case, don’t try to do anything until you see a message saying the restore has finished.

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  2. sir pa help naman ganyan din ginawa ko sa netbook acer d260, after ko marestore nag restart tapos lumabas Error 15
    pano po ba i fix ito? wala panaman ako backup file.

    tina try ko rin mag install ng windows ayaw din
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2013
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  11. I wanna ask HELP and share apps just send me a message pls.

    and to ALL computer wiz/tech out there pls. HELP ME!!

    1. May ASUS Laptop ako. X42J i5 2010 model cya. dati hinde ko maformat khit need na kc mdaming files/môviês/apps ako dun at wla akong external HD pa... Last month ko pa cya naformat and since today katatapos ko lang ulet. Pro since January lagi cyang nag-freeze or hang. Dati every 2 hours hanggang ngayon 15-30mins na lang... eto po ang solusyon na ginawa ko: 1) format drive C, 2) clean format ng drive C, 3) change ng Bios batt, 4) na-check ko na ang fan and I add an electric fan pa, 5) npansin ko new format cya at mga drivers lang nilagay ko ay naga FREEZE pa rin cya (kya today hinde ko na nilagyan ng drivers pro hang pa rin), 6) kpg nka- SAFE MODE cya ay wlang problema. 7) sinubukan ko na ring palitan ng HD pro hinde pa rin pwd.

    2. Do you want to know new apps in transferring BIG files, môviês,mρ3s or pix from computer to laptop;laptop to tab; laptop to mobile phone? at npakaBILIS like u are using bluetooth. But new apps from LENOVO.

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