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Tutorial how to disable deepfreeze if you forgot your password

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by janna1986, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. credit to blueserver....

    1. Restart your PC.
    2. Press DEL or F2 shortcut to CMOS setup in short goto CMOS setup.
    3. Change the date 10 years backward or forward. Then save it and restart PC.
    4. Before the windows logo shows up Press F8. There you can select safe mode, safe mode with network, etc.
    5. Choose Debug mode or Debugging Mode.
    6. In Debug mode select the OS you use for example windows xp pro.
    7. (This is need a little quicker of hands) When the windows XP starts wait the welcome screen appears and make your fingers get ready to press CTRL+ALT+DEL shortcut key for taskmanager.
    8. After the windows XP welcome screen the Windows desktop will appear. Quickly hit CTRL+ALT+DEL.
    9. Press D 'D is the shortcut key to locate the process DFServ' or you can locate it using your mouse. After locating it press Del 'to kill the process DFServ.'
    10. If you succeed restart your PC and boot it in normal mode. There you can see the deepfreeze icon will be mark X means it is disabled. Now you can uninstall it using deepfreeze installer.

    After making those steps don't forget to change back your time in CMOS

    eto pa follow up...
    credit to ice...

    once you have followed the steps mentioned by "blueserver", surely you get the message access denied, but try again twice,
    now if you look further in Processes, you need to kill one more Process, FrzState2k.exe , just wait for a while depending on your system speed, now you will see , that deep freez icon is gone,

    1-NOW, go in the C:\Program Files\Faronics folder and select and SHIFT Delete the whole folder,
    2- open regedit - go to" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ and look for Faronics Folder" hit Delete button from your key board, when asked click yes, job done
    this should fix the problem
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    Thanks for sharing boss.. (y)
  3. thanks for sharing boss
  4. Thanks for sharing :)
  5. wala pong anoman mga sir...
    masaya akong makatulong:)
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