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How To Deal With Antagonizers & Bashers On Your Thread or Comment

Discussion in 'Feedbacks & Suggestion' started by queencee, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established

    1. If you're required to respond to an irrational attack on a thread, ask the antagonist what exactly he is upset or unconvinced about your post, in order to show that you are interested in communicating rather than in arguing. The burden of responsibility is now back on the antagonist.[​IMG] 2. Bashers usually follow you without having to officially follow you on your PHC Profile right? So for their every comment on your post, stay calm, focused and breathe. You can more easily and tactfully defend yourself once the emotional heat has abated. [​IMG] 3. Wether you are the Thread Starter or a Thread Member, resist the urge to fight to win the argument, because one way or another your reputation will be ruined, darling this is the antagonizers and bashers intention, so why give in? Let the moderators or whoever is in charge handle it because they best hadle it without you being the stubborn --->little kid. [​IMG]
  2. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established

    Fellow PHC members, I believe this list could go a long way, tell us your thoughts and share to us those effective approaches to Antagonizers and Bashers. Also you are always welcome to comment in Filipino.
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  3. Better stay calm and focus to your thought of helping rather to the people who are nonesense or useless. Peace:)
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  4. EARZE

    EARZE PHC Contributor Established

    no comment.. just be cool :cool:
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  5. iLoonie

    iLoonie Eternal Poster Established

    ignore them all the times. attention whores :shifty:
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  6. I only answer bashers :yuck: when they start to compromise or make my post look lower than the standards I shared to members.When the attack is personal, I ignore.:stop:
  7. ravage

    ravage Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    This is where we envy you, you have a choice to ignore. We don't.
    And I guess, this is where you'll envy us. We have the privilege to make things different.
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  8. Good thing about forum moderators they do more than overseeing,they make our threads flow smoothly.
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  9. [​IMG] thanks for sharing [​IMG]
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  10. ravage

    ravage Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Most of the time we earn bad reputations for that. At times we may deserve it and at times it's worth it.
    After all you cannot please everybody.
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  11. ravage

    ravage Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Just trying to blend-in.... they're all speaking in english. :D
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  12. i watch..you chat..im okey here ser :D
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  13. True, bashers will never be pleased no matter what. To the forum moderators. Thank you for doing the heavy lifting for us.
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  14. ravage

    ravage Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Our pleasure. (y)
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  15. ok, english . :D
    thank you for sharing sistah .
    just be cool and respect each other . :cool:
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  16. jepoycruz82

    jepoycruz82 Enthusiast Established

    Just ignore lang siguro
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  17. VJTigas

    VJTigas Enthusiast Established

    Ignore nalang, best way
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  18. Well same with others based on experienced ignore them eh kung di ka naman kilala...so i keep my privacy On to the max...kasi ang mga bashers pag di ka nila nainis gagawan ka ng mga troll at sangkatutak na thrash talk... so IGNORE lang..mapapagod din yan...
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