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How to create cellphone virus? │cellphone virus simple tricks

Discussion in 'General Mobile Network Tutorials' started by kuligma, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. This Cellphone Virus is so easy to do.
    all you need is 1 Mobile Device and 1
    simcard from any Network provider
    **We will going to used Globe Simcard
    Here for example**
    Step1. Make sure that the sim card you
    are using is not Familiar to the person you
    want to virus.
    we suggest you to used brand new
    Step 2.Load The simcard. at least 30.00
    so you can register it to UNLITXT Promo
    You can do it to any Network like SUN or
    Step 3.Prepare your weird random txt
    character.you can create your own
    Whatever that will looks like a
    programming language, Use you creativity
    Samle Character■ Cellphone Virus
    Begin<>Virus Name=I Love You^x run ?
    Step 4.Get the cellphone Number of the
    person you want to Virus
    Step 5. Start Sending The Virus you
    Step 6. Do the sending in Full
    Accelerations and Frequecy (YOu can
    send the message in 100times per hour or
    do it in whole a day process!)
    By overdoing this. the number where you
    send the message cant used its cellphone
    properly because of the abnormal
    messages that keep popping every
    seconds or minutes.
    This will result.Text message Delay from
    its realtime Text Messages from Important
    contacts he have.Even permitted calls will
    affect the Procedure you made.
    Virus Effect:
    1.Text Message Receive Failures
    2.Consistent Phone Ring
    3.Easy Battery Low
    4.Frequent Charging
    5.Busy or always UN available Line
    6.Your Favorite!! " Sweet Vengeance" the
    person is now irritated and 100% mad!!!
    with no clue who is sending that Freaking
    YOu can deactivate all your incoming calls
    so the person can not make a return calls
    to trace Number of the Cellphone where
    the virus where came from.
    That's it!! You can Now have your sweet
    Revenge!!!!to the person you hated most!!
    ++ Send it's CP number to all FM Radio
    Station, Announcing that He/She in need
    of a Txtmate!
    or Publish/Register the NUmber To Every
    site that collecting precious load!!!! ha ha
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  2. toytoy31

    toytoy31 Forum Veteran Established

    thanks sa info, boss?
  3. sgbarnz

    sgbarnz Addict Established

    not effective boz tested ko sinend ko using chikka

    pang keypad phones lang to siguro
  4. testim

    testim Honorary Poster Established

    has been tested?
  5. foxgalano

    foxgalano Forum Veteran Established

  6. sms bomber lang pwede na..
  7. pinkmar16

    pinkmar16 Enthusiast Established

    mukang mahirap gawin matry nga
  8. Bforce_Elmer

    Bforce_Elmer Enthusiast Established

  9. un99oy

    un99oy Eternal Poster Established

    marung ka pala gumawa ng virus sa phone... sa antivirus maronong ka rin ba...?
  10. alfredsd20

    alfredsd20 Journeyman Established

  11. un99oy

    un99oy Eternal Poster Established

    ano kaya kung subukan para makita nyo resulta kung gagana ba o hindi...post nyo lang resulta...
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