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How to Convert PDF to Word

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by Jeanh, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. It’s hard to convert PDF to word, because Please or Register to view links are generally not editable files and some of the files are even password protected, so that the authorized person can only access it to make changes or convert it to word.

    But, what if you would like to view the PDF files in other extension formats like Word, Excel, and others? Now, Adobe doesn’t allow you to extract the PDF files to other formats. But, you can use various online converters to extract the PDF files to other formats. Before heading up to the online converters, let’s see the necessity of converting the PDF to a Word document.

    The PDF to word conversion is the best way to extract the files from the non editable and static documents for further usage. You can copy the text passages from the PDF to a Word document but not with the images. However, the formatting is lost and it becomes irritating to copy paragraph by paragraph. So, converting the complete file into a Word document is the easier and faster method to edit the document.

    So, you have to get an online PDF to word converter. Some of the computers are still using the older version of the Windows, so you need to get an online PDF to DOC converter. For the Please or Register to view links you can use DOCX converter.

    Please or Register to view links
    convert pdf to word

    Convert PDF to Word, conversion for the unprotected file
    The conversion is the better option for unprotected documents. Sometimes, the PDF files are the OpenOffice documents which are saved in the PDF format for the better handling and formatting reasons. So, such files can be easily converted back to the DOC format. This is good with the text passages but when it comes to the images the scenario is different. The scanned images are the normal images for the Word documents. It just needs a bit of adjustment after conversion. Although, the format is quite close to the PDF format.

    However, the DRM protected file cannot be converted from PDF to another format. The DRM protection prevents the user to convert the PDF file to any other format. But, if you are the owner of the file make sure you remove the protection before you start the conversion process. It all depends on the type of complexity your PDF has, as small formatting errors might occur during the conversion.

    The conversion is just not limited to Word documents only. You can convert it to other formats aswell depending upon the nuisance symbols or improper formatting. So, you can choose the best online converter to convert your files back to the Word documents.

    There are various online converters available in the market where you can choose the best for you to convert PDF to Word.

    Here are Few Steps to convert PDF to a Word document
    • Search the suitable converter for you, so that it can compress the files.
    • Upload the desired PDF file which you wish to convert.
    • Choose the option of PDF to Word conversion from various categories available.
    • Upload the desired PDF file when asked.
    • Click on Continue and then proceed with the next step.
    • Some of the converters may ask to fill the captcha so that they can verify you are not a robot. And some of them ask you to verify the email address.
    • Do all the asked steps to continue with the conversion process.
    • Then click on Convert option, so that the converter can complete the task for you.
    • It will take a minute or two to convert PDF to Word document.
    • Then save the converted PDF file to the other location where you have saved the Word file, so that you can avoid the confusion of the same name.
    • Now, you can open the file and use it for your work.
    PDF to Word converter is the best way to convert PDF to Word document, as it is the easiest and fastest way to convert PDF to a Word document. However, the images need a small formatting but other formats will remain the same. A good converter can make the formatting easier for you by adjusting it as some of the converters can be annoying with their formatting errors. Some Word documents will not open in other systems due to various reasons by showing the improper formatted texts and nuisance symbols.

    When, you are prompted to edit a PDF file then you might have a big problem, as the PDF files are non editable and static files which cannot be edited. So, you need to convert them to the other format where you can edit and use them according to your needs. However, the PDF doesn’t allow you to edit documents, so you will need a converter which can do this task for you. So, the converters should self-adjust the format for you. The scanned images cannot be edited and formatted as it is just like a normal image for the Word document. So, you have the make the small changes in the format to use it further. But, the minor editing in the format can make it the same PDF file back again to the Word document format.

    The PDF to word conversion is also important for the unprotected files which can be accessed easily by the users. So, you can convert the unprotected files easily using the online converters. Also, the DRM protected PDF files cannot be converted by the online converters. If you are the authorized user of the PDF file you can remove the protection and then convert it to a Word document. The DRM protection prevents the file to be converted to the other formats. Since, you can see the PDF to the Word conversion is the best way rather just copying paragraph by paragraph to the other format.
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