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Tutorial [HOW TO] convert armv7 to armv6 games

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by Prince2013, Jun 2, 2013.

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  1. What you need to have is........
    1) Winrar (To OPEN APK FILE)
    2)LIB Files of Unity Engines
    3)APK Singer

    Download Links:
    Please or Register to view links

    Please or Register to view links

    1) Using Winrar OPEN the APK File and head to Assets>Bin>Data> and Open "MAINDATA" file using NOTEPAD or NOTEPAD++
    2) Now Check the Version of Unity (Check the Screenshot for more info)
    3) Now you have the info about the Unity Engine Version, in our case it is 3.5.6f4 so now you have to extract 3.5.6f4 libs which you have downloaded from above links.
    4) Now using winrar Delete LIB Folder from APK file and Place ARMv6 lib folder now head to Assets>Libs and delete ARMv7 folder and place the armeabi-vfp. now we are almost done.
    5) Now using APK Signer sign the APK and you are done.

    Now if you have any problem then please don't ask about it because every single steps are written above.
    NOTE: If you find Unity Engine Version 4.0 or above it means its dead end and those games can not be converted.
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