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Tutorial How to change Wireless WIFI Router password

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by delfermil30, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. If someone stealing your bandwidth by hack your Wi-Fi password or you think it’s time to change your password because it’s get old and everyone knows it or if you forget your WIFI password and you want to reset or change it? Don’t worry about it I’m gonna show you how you can easily change your Wi-Fi password by doing some simple steps and secure your WIFI network.

    Step 1 – Finding Gateway IP Address

    To find your Gateway IP Address you’ll have to connect the router to your computer. If your computer is already connected to the Wi-Fi, then open “command prompt” on your computer by using the ⊞ Win+R key and type cmd on it.

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    After that type “ipconfig” on cmd and press enter. Now you will able to see your wireless network gateway IP.

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    If you forgot your password and you are also not able to connect to your wireless network then reset your router by press the reset button on the back of your router for 5-10 sec. after resetting your router, connect it with your computer and do the above process to get the gateway IP.

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    Step 2 – Open Router’s Configuration Page

    To open router’s configuration page you will need the gateway IP. I think now you’ve known your gateway ip by doing above procedure if not, here’s a list of default gateway IP of some WIFI manufacturers.

    Linksys – or

    Netgear – or

    ASUS –

    DLink – or

    Apple –

    Buffalo –

    Open your browser and type the gateway IP and press enter. Now the web page will ask you a username and password, type the username is “admin” and the password is “admin” or “password” to open the configuration page. Here are the examples of two different router’s login page given below –

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    Step 3 – Wireless Setting

    Select the wireless setting tab on the configuration page of your router. Now you are able to change your Wi-Fi password and the network’s name too. I prefer you to select the “WPA2” security because that security not hacks easily and gives you more protection to your network. Save the setting after makes changes and restart your modem too.

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  2. aven25

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    ako ginagawa ko din to TS...nakahide pa SSID hehe
  3. thanks for sharing bossing(y)
  4. sir pano pag globe lte or globe home pano?

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    username at password sa globe sir
  5. di naman admin admin user at pass eh
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    yong globe mahirap pasokin
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