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Help How to bypass privacy protection password in CM Cubix cube?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Questions' started by VinceDylan, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. I bought this CUBIX CUBE thru lazada.ph, and it went well for several months, until I bought for another SIM and inserted it as an additional SIM (since the phone has dual sim feature), and as I rebooted the phone, the phone now asks this privacy protection password (I couldn't remember if I'd set the anti-thief options or not). I logged to the CM website with their support window and send several emails, but those emails were bounced back to me, which means I can't gent any support from them :( .

    Thru readings from your sites, I'd learned and tried a hard reset to my phone, but still, it can't remove that privacy protection.

    Can anyone could help me, send any shortcut or procedures to recover back my phone, removing the privacy protection screen?
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  2. Hi, did you find the answer about your problem? Thank you.
  3. Yes, I had solved it, someone in a group of cubix cube in the FB pages, they share some procedures and had tried it.

    Here were the procedures:
    1. Be sure that you have enough load (sim).
    2. Turn-off and then turn-on the unit, then the locked CP will send a chinese message to all to its registered
    emergency numbers.
    3. That emergency numbers could be your friend or family member's CPs.
    4. Any of the CPs that got the message can respond back (reply) a messages as #mima#
    5. Then the locked CP replies to that message by sending back the original (setted) password.

    Actually the #mima# was a remote command used to recover forgotten password.

    TY very much.
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  4. What should I do? the #mima# doesn't work on my cubix? help please
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    Reprogram po kailangan dyan
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