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How to Become a Hacker

Discussion in 'Web & Internet' started by Causing Glenn, May 13, 2013.

  1. Causing Glenn

    Causing Glenn daemonX Staff Member Moderator

    How to Become a Hacker

    1. Learn TCP/IP, Basic Information gathering,Proxies, Socks, SSL, VPN, VPS, RDP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, Telnet, SSH.

    2. Learn Linux, Unix, Windows - You can do this using vmware or any virtual desktop utility.

    3. Learn a programming language that's compatible with all OS - Perl, Python, C .

    4. Learn HTML, PHP, Javascript, ASP, XML, SQL, XSS, SQLI, RFI,LFI

    5. Learn Reverse engineering and ©râck some programs for serials easy ones like mirc, winzip, winrar or old games.

    6. Code a fuzzer for common protocols - ftp, pop3, 80, 8080 - Pick some free software like ftp server, mail server, apache or iis webserver or a webserver all-in-one pack, or teamspeak, ventrilo, mumble.

    7. Code a tool that uses grep to sort out unique code in source codes.

    8. Make a custom IPtable, IPsec firewall that blocks all incoming traffic and out going traffic and add filters to accept certain ports that your software or scripts use.

    9. Pick a kernel in linux or unix, also pick a Microsoft OS version lets say Winxp pro sp2 put them on the virtual desktops (vmware) and find and code a new local exploit in those versions, then install a Apache webserver on the Linux/Unix and a IIS webserver on the winxp pro and attempt to find and code a new local reverse_tcp_shell exploit.

    10. Learn Cisco Router and Switch configuration and setup.

    11. Learn Checkpoint Setup and Config

    12. Learn Wifi scanning,©râcking, sniffing.

    13. Pick a person in you phonebook for the area code you live in or city then ring the person on a anonymous line like skype or a payphone or a carded sim and attempt to social engineer the person forhis name, address, data of birth, city born, country born, ISP connected with, Phone company connected with, What bank he/she uses and anything else you can get.Then Attempt to ring using a spoof caller ID software with the person's phone number - call the ISP and try reset the password to his/her internet connection/ webmail, get access to bank account or ask them to send out a new *** to a new address (drop) with a new pin, reset of phone company passwords.

    14. Use your information gathering skills to get all the information off a website like a shop then use the spoofcallerID software or hack your phone to show a new number of the Webserver's Tech Support number then ring the shop owner and try get the shop site password.

    15. Do the same thing but attempt to use a web attack against a site or shop to gainadmin access.

    16. Once got access upload a shell and attempt to exploit the server to gain root using aexploit you coded not someone else s exploit.

    17. Make your own Linux Distro

    18. Use your own Linux Distro or use a vanilla Linux gnome (not kde) keep it with not much graphics so you can learn how to depend on the terminal and start from scratch install applications that you will only need for a blackbox (Security test box), make folders for fuzzers, exploits, scanners..etc Then load them up with your own scripts and other tools ( By this stage you shouldn't need to depend on other peoples scripts).

    19. Learn macosx and attempt to gain access to a Macosx box whether it be your own or someones elses.

    20. Create a secure home network and secure your own systems with your own Security policies and firewall settings. All this isn't a over night learning it will take a nice 3 - 4 years to learn a bit of this 5+ years to learn most of it and even then you may need time to keep learn as IT keeps changing everyday.
  2. i see , sir halos lahat ba yan matutunan sa school? or sa mga site na nagtuturo ng basics? kasi sa june mag 1st year ako sa software engineer
  3. Causing Glenn

    Causing Glenn daemonX Staff Member Moderator

    hindi lahat ituturo sa school...mga basic lang naman ang ituturo sa school
    kung gusto mo matuto meron sa dito sa internet...daming mga tutorials
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  4. ahh i see sir ganun din sabi kasi ni sir james , sana nga matutunan ko lahat yan :bookworm:
  5. ang dami pala dapat malaman para maging hacker :) (y)
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  6. Causing Glenn

    Causing Glenn daemonX Staff Member Moderator

    hahah,...hindi ko alam lahat ng yan.
    1% lang siguro dyan ang alam ko,...:dead:
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  7. Hehe. ang dami :)
  8. masmaganda siguro kung may school ang PHC.... XD
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  9. dami naman ehh isang programing language nga nga nga sa source code pano paka yan..
  10. wow. ang dami. hehe. san po namin matutunan yan lahat?salamat.
    meron po ba ditong tutorial para sa cellphone repair? hehe, cnxia po. nagchange topic ako, di ko alam kung san ko ilagay eh. salamat at sensya na po ulit(y):sorry:
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2013
  11. pwede po paturo sa programing what mga kailagan ko?
  12. Please or Register to view links ito lang ang kailangan para mang hack
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  13. :cool: all i wanted is to be the pro hacktivist
  14. pag di ako buzy tol e spend ako ng time d2! medyo dami pang ginagawa.. I'T student din ako dateh . kaso di itinuturu ng Prof. puro program program lang lahat
    basic.. astig ito tol. guidelines... mamaster ko cguru ko ito ng 10 years.. lalo na ngayon pa high yong gadget natin!!!!! imsure tol master mo na to..
  15. ito kailangan ko hehe. salamat TS :D mabuhay ka! :LOL:
  16. hindi naman lahat yan kailangan mo e memories

    the mean goel is you know what is the basic rules or each of them then you can explore and apply some of this has been teaching in school but not in direct terms

    and you must have patient for what you are doing and understand then protocols, apply observe again and again as you catch up those basic steps at kailangan mo enhance mo ang sarili mo sa mga ganito so you can easily catch up for those languages
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  17. pde po penge ng tutorials :D ?

    salamat po
  18. mahirap maging IT!! haha ung subject ko nga na programming SOBRANG HIRAP!! SAKIT SA ULO!!! :hurting: :hurting::hurting:
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  19. kaya yan!!!
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