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Tutorial How to Avoid Mobile Data Caps

Discussion in 'General Mobile Network Tutorials' started by Meki, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. 1. Enable Chrome’s data compression. Chrome offers data compression on both Android and iOS, which will lower your monthly consumption of bandwidth. Go to Settings > Bandwidth Management > Reduce data usage to activate compression.
    2. Use a VPN with compression. Some mobile VPNs, like Hotspot Shield, offer data compression to further limit the amount of data you consume.
    3. Install data-saving apps. Because of the irritating prevalence of data caps, developers have started creating apps that help you consume less data in various ways.

    *sana po makatulong satin. :sneaky:
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  2. More of like "How to reduce your data usage" and not to avoid data caps. :p
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  3. Isa po yan sa mga steps to avoid data caps madam is to reduce data usage. :)

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  4. haroldlee

    haroldlee Addict Established

  5. thanks dito ts laking tulong to sa mga may problema sa data cap
  6. Walang ano man. :)
    Oo nga po. Dami kasi nag rereklamo sa capping.
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  7. selmer

    selmer Enthusiast Established

    mga sir anu po ba yung capping .. means nabagal yung signal ? pa help naman po neebie po ako di ko kasi maintindihan salamat po sa abala
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