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Tutorial How to avail 2 months Spotify Premium FREE

Discussion in 'Free Internet Tricks' started by ghost13, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. Here’s Are you a Spotify user? Want to avail premium subscription? Well, here’s a trick on how to avail! that

    the steps:
    1. Download this Please or Register to view links for Google Chrome
    2. Go to Please or Register to view links to register an account
    SIGN IN ID = [use disposable email provider like Please or Register to view links and Please or Register to view links] (you can Google that one)
    Date of Birth = January 5, 1995
    Country = United Kingdom

    3. After registering, go to your disposable email provider and read the email sent to you.
    4. Then, after confirming your account, go to Please or Register to view links.
    5. Click TRY PREMIUM FREE then log on your previously created account.
    6. Click Link Account
    7. Sign up for spotify
    8. Click Okay
    9. Click Subscribe
    10. Here, the payment method will show up. Click MOBILE-PORTRAIT 320×480
    11. Then, a tiny window will pop upped and click Add Paypal for it.
    12. Create account
    13. For credit card Please or Register to view links. Change rnd_v-mc with 53769701xxxxxxxx then click Generate
    14. Go to Paypal
    Country : United Kingdom
    Credit card number : [the one you generated earlier]
    Card Type = Mastercard/Eurocard
    Expiration = 3/17
    Security Code = 191
    Email: [your disposable email]
    telephone number = 36259587
    Click Continue
    First name = [any]
    last = [any]
    yopmail email
    your password
    click continue click
    agree and continue
    click order and pay
    Congrats! Your account now is subscribed for 2 months premium!
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2015
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  2. Hindi pa ba katay to?
  3. EARZE

    EARZE PHC Contributor Established

    thanks for sharing boss.. (y)
  4. pokz5

    pokz5 Forum Veteran Established

    pasubok boss,salamat:D
  5. You cannot use an email address or card number that belongs to an existing PayPal account. If you have a PayPal account, please Please or Register to view links. If not, change the email address or card number and try again.

    yan lumalabas pag nag reregister ako sa paypal.
  6. Katay na to e :)
  7. error na din to eh
  8. Salamat tol sa pagshare keep it up
  9. franken

    franken Addict Established

    kung gumagana pa to. try niyo yung virtual credit niyo sa paymaya ang gamitin pasok agad,
    nakapag reg ako ng isang account. anung araw nga yun basta nung lumabas ang paymaya.

    Wrong board ata to TS. salamat sa share.
  10. katay na .. paymaya gagamitin nyo kapalit sa paypal ..
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