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Tutorial How To Apply A Perfect Matte Lipstick

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by Somnolent, May 19, 2016.

  1. Matte lipstick can either make or break your look. When done right, this can give you the sophisticated look that you wanted to achieve, highlighting the natural shape of your lips. When done wrong, your lips become ©râcked and uneven, making your mouth appear dry with flakes. Matte lips do not have satin, cream and shimmer lipsticks formulas that have emollients to moisturize the lips. This ingredients make the lips look smoother and plumper. This makes matte lipstick colors harder to apply because these make your lips look drier and feather on dry skin. However, you can still look great matte natural lipstick although this type does not moisturize on its own.

    Here’s 3 tips for Perfect Matte Lips:



    Before applying matte lipstick, make sure to exfoliate your lips using lip scrub to have a smoothest canvass to apply matte pale lipstick. Apply a scrub that contains cocoa and shea butter to moisturize your lip as well. You can also reach your kitchen for homemade lip scrubs. You can make lip scrub out of sugar and honey or salt and honey. Brushing your lips with through using toothbrush also gets rid of the dead skin cell.


    For the matte lipstick shades, it is best to keep your lips stay hydrated. A simple lip balm keep your lips from appearing dry after applying the matte lipstick. Caked lips is one of the reasons girls shun away from applying matte lipstick. However, this only happens when the lips are not well exfoliated and moisturized. Lipstick glides smoothly when your lips are moisturized. It also makes the lipstick wear longer giving more reasons to moisturize. When it comes to chapstick, you should take note that oil-based products like Vaseline can be too greasy underneathbarbie pink lipstick, that make the lipstick to wear off fast. Make sure to use lip conditioner that is weightless and disappears to the lips. Allow this to sink into your lips before applying the lipstick.

    Make Friends with Eye Liner

    Even when applying matte *phcorner* lipstick, it is best to befriend eye liner. Applying lip liner prevents lipstick from “feathering” or “bleeding”. This is where the colors seep into small creases around the lips. Make sure to choose the lip liner that has the same color as your matte lipstick. To apply the liner, trace your lips with with the liner for your matte lipstick something to hold on after applying the liner. You can also make use of matte lip tint which is softer and creamier compared to a traditional lipstick. Lip pencil does not just define your lips because it also contributes to the staying power. Lip brush can get a sharper line for dark red and plums while *phcorner* colors looks great using lip pencil.


    If you want to have a flawless matte finish, practice applying it. If you have smears, make no mistake, just apply cotton swab to clear imperfections. Consequently, make use of concealer to cover up uneven around the lips and avoid your lipstick from smearing.
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