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Trivia How Raw Lady Finger Can Help in curing Diabetes

Discussion in 'Traditions & Beliefs' started by Jeanh, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. How Raw Lady Finger Can Help in curing Diabetes?

    Many people in the world are suffering from Diabetes. Here is an easy cure for diabetes. Lady finger a natural vegetable which can be used as a cure for diabetes. Instead of painful and expensive treatment available in the market

    Lady Finger An Easy Cure For Diabetes

    How To Control Diabetes From Lady Finger?

    Here is the simple tip to control diabetes from lady finger. Take two or three lady fingers. Cut them from the centre and put them into the glass full with the water. Leave them for the full night. In the morning remove lady finger and drink the water before breakfast. Repeating the same process every day will help you to reduce your sugar level. This simple tips is better than many other painful treatments. Fresh lady finger is better than cooked one.

    Low G.I Food:

    the word G.I stands for Glycemic index. The person who is suffering from diabetes should take diet enriched in Glycemic index. Approximately 20 G.I is present in okra. That is very low. Diabetic patients can easily use Okra recipes as their meal to fill their stomach and also control their diabetic level.

    Fight Kidney Diseases:

    lady finger is also good to prevent your body from different kidney diseases. It is considered that high sugar level effect your both kidneys badly. So by taking okra daily will prevent your kidneys. Have an moderate amount of okra daily if you are a diabetic person.

    Soluble Fibers:

    Soluble fibers are very important to keep your kidneys healthy. They play their role in digestion of carbohydrates. Lady finger is enriched with soluble fibers. It slow down the digestion process and hence lower the sugar level in blood. These are some of the main reasons for you to select lady finger as a diet to control diabetes.

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  2. hindi pa naman ako nakain niyan nandidiri ako :hilarious:
    gamot pala sa diabetes yan
  3. hahahah..masarap prito at inihaw di madulas
  4. try ko nga yang prito yung madulas lang naman ayaw ko sa kanya eh :hilarious:
  5. di madulas pag prito at ihaw
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