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Trivia How potassium helps in stroke prevention

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by Psybot Sword, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. We know that high potassium foods help lower blood pressure, but potassium exhibits additional powers in stroke prevention regardless of its effect on blood pressure, according to University of Minnesota hypertension expert Dr. Loius Tobian, Jr.

    In tests, he fed rats that had high blood pressure either a high-potassium diet or a "normal" potassium diet.

    Forty percent on the "normal" potassium diet suffered small strokes, evidenced by bleeding in the brain.

    No brain haemorrhages occured in rats on high potassium.

    Dr. Tobian's theory is that extra potassium kept artery walls elastic and functioning normally, thus immunizing blood vessels against damage from high blood pressure.

    The same thing may happen in humans.

    The critical margin of 400 mg. of potassium is so modest that there's no reason for not including any of the above fruits and vegetables in your diet.

    If you think that it can protect your brain from the devastating and often irrevesible effects of stroke, wouldn't it be worth it to eat every day an extra quarter of a cantaloupe, half an avocado, one small baked potato, ten dried apricots or half cup baked beans?

    As the causes of stroke are the same as the causes of heart disease and high blood pressure, the foods that help prevent these conditions are also indicated for preventing strokes.
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