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How Facebook may ruin your Life

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by capslocked, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. How Facebook may ruin your Life

    March 24, 2016

    Facebook has helped us in many ways like: having a communication with our loved ones, who are far from us. It updates us on present issues in bothe local and international. It helps us to meet new and old friends, including those schoolmates of ours in the high school who were nerds then became astonishingly beautiful after few years. But as we are getting addicted to it, the risks also grows. I have known some relationships that were ruined because of unintentional post by their friends and cheating by chatting other person. I have known “bestfriends” that were estranged with each other just because of a simple “post”. Facebook has a diverse of personality coming from different people. Aside from those broken people who keep advertising their “feelings” and made Facebook as a market for their emotions, you can also find other people including those: thirst from attention, selfie queens and kings (not sure if they really are kings), group recruiter (added you to unknown groups), posts sharer (what they think funny maybe funny for you too), etc. These are just few types of the people in the Facebook. Indeed, Facebook is more likely a new planet, a new world where these people interact (this is becoming serious, we are forgetting the real world). As what one post says “Facebook brings you near to people far from you but keeps you away from the people sitting next to you”. This is practically true, we can even experience it by ourselves, for instance, when we bond with our friends instead of socializing with them we are busy swiping our smartphones expecting for new updates from our news feeds – physically present but mentally absent.

    There are studies conducted how Facebook affects our lives both negatively and positively. In the study stated in ‘The Cheat Sheet’ includes: firstly, comparing yourself to your Facebook friends is depressing. Secondly, your mood is affected by what your Facebook friends' post. Thirdly, Facebook itself doesn’t help your mood. And fourth, lurking or feeling ostracized on Facebook hurts your self-esteem. The aforementioned effects of Facebook on us, is evidently true. An article published in ‘The New Yorker’ on 2013 by Maria Konnikova stated the studies how Facebook makes us unhappy. According to her, a study from university of Michigan by psychologist Ethan Kross argues that Facebook makes us sad and lonely rather than happy. And also, Konnikova stresses that an experiment concluded that Facebook could even cause problems in relationships, by increasing feelings of Jealousy.

    Therefore, before it is too late we have to minimize our exposure in Facebook. We should not rely our happiness on the social media interactions. Let’s fetch what is good and throw what is bad. Let’s refrain ourselves from posting unnecessary posts. Because, what you think is best to post may affects one’s mood or entire life. So the best way is, to think hundred times before posting something. Let’s not advertise our feelings because not everyone will sympathize you, some people would be happy it happens to you. Life is amazingly beautiful do not isolate yourself on the Facebook. Get a hobby and log out from your Facebook.
  2. N1ghtmare

    N1ghtmare Forum Veteran Established

    wika nga sa advertisement ng isang local channel "Think before you click" :D
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2016
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  3. Buti hindi ako adict sa mga social media site....ahaha
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  4. Mas ok pa ang personal interaction kesa pag fb...buti na lang di na ako active sa sa social sites
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  5. khloe

    khloe Addict Established

    my real fb is always deactivated. naiinis ako sa mga nababasa kong statuses, quotes, and other nonsense posts kaya nga mas gusto ko sa mga forums. mas matututo pa.

    ayan, 30 messages na ko :)
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  6. Oo nga na hack nga ako eh asan ang hustisya? Haha
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  7. somehow helpful din naman siya sa news and other trending issues but most of the time ay ginagawang Diary ng iba ang FB.

    kung anu anu siguro pinag k-cklick mo:unsure:
  8. cannotbeone

    cannotbeone Addict Established

    Buhay ko ang laptop ko
  9. HEMP

    HEMP Addict Established

    mas ok pa dito sa phc wlang bashers.mpa ano kman..basa lng rules ready to go na...family(tama ba)o_O
  10. in the end depende parin sa tao yan . haha
  11. He he. Sinabi mo pa bosing.
    Pero sa'kin, walang problema kung sakaling makisali sa trending ng panahon. Pero kung di naman kailangan, better be anonymous and use your common sense somewhere else. Marami namang paraan ng socializing he he.
    Mahirap din mag-maintain ng FB kapag gumagamit ka parati ng anticensorship tools. Maiinis ka sa security logins nila.
  12. zap13

    zap13 Addict Established

    bang... sapul na sapul ko... gawa ng wala ginagawa at walang social skills... hayzzz
  13. cyclotron05

    cyclotron05 Journeyman Established

    yung nakakasama yung envy sa mga kaibigan. buti sila ganito, buti sila ganyan...

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