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How Facebook hâckïng is Carried out? – 6 ways (methods) you can get hâckêd

Discussion in 'Web & Internet' started by delfermil30, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. These days Everyone is complaining about his / her Facebook account being hâckêd and he/she wants to Recover it. It has become quite big problem now a days Because of Poor Knowledge on How Stuff works Online. So i thought, i will create one exclusive Post for all the Facebook users out there, Who are so curious to know about Facebook hâckïng and how their account can be compromised by hackers and Spammers.

    Fairly Facebook is a secure website and it diligently aims to become better. For the most part, it is impossible to break Facebook’s security system. Yes i said for the most part because recently i demonstrated you, how easy it is to Bypass your friends Facebook security Question & how you can compromise Facebook accounts with the help of Mutual Friends. I always tell people, If you are a victim of Facebook hâckïng it’s more likely because of your mistake and not because of something Facebook had any involvement of.

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    Earlier we had seen how email hâckïng works and i had covered almost all the methods there. So in this post i will again cover those methods plus some other known ways to hack facebook accounts. Before Starting, let me clear one thing that “Facebook hâckïng Software’s” doesn’t really exists. There are Numerous fake Facebook hâckïng software’s such as 007 facebook hack software, Facebook ID hacker software, etc. These softwares are actually malware’s meant to capture your sensitive data such as email, credit card details, phone number, etc. which can be used for marketing purpose.

    Well, to hack any user account one should at least posses a Criminal Mind. It’s not that easy as you might think. Lets not go deep into details, Here’s are the 6 common methods used by hackers in Facebook hâckïng:

    #1. Keylogging – Installing këÿlôggêr.
    #2. Phishing – Creating fake Facebook Login page.
    #3. Using Victims Mobile.
    #4. Stealing facebook cookies of victim.
    #5. Revealing saved Facebook passwords on web-browsers.
    #6. Bypassing Facebook’s Security Question

    [ * ] In the above mentioned 3rd & 6th method, The hacker will be Resetting victims Password, i.e he will never be able to see victims Original Password. Where as in 1st and 2nd method, the hacker can actually manage to get Original password and login to his / her account without letting him/her know that their accounts have been compromised.

    Keylogging – Capture Facebook Passwords

    Keylogging (këÿlôggêr) is the simplest and the most effective way of hâckïng Facebook passwords. You need not be an expert to use it. Anyone with basic knowledge of computer can install and use it with ease. This method yields the best outcome when you have physical access to your victims PC. Basically këÿlôggêrs are used to capture the keyboard strokes entered by any person, for example many offices use them to monitor their employees. So the fact that, it can capture keyboard stokes, it can also capture or record usernames and passwords entered by a person. Rather këÿlôggêrs are more used as a hâckïng tool than using it for Monitoring purpose. këÿlôggêrs are of two types, hardware and software.

    #1. Software këÿlôggêr

    Software këÿlôggêr is a program that records each & every keystroke that a user types on his keyboard. Once you install this program on the target computer, it will automatically load from the start-up and start capturing every keystroke typed on that computer including usernames and passwords. A këÿlôggêr software runs in a complete stealth mode and thus remains undetected.

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    In order to use këÿlôggêr software, you don’t need to have any special knowledge of hâckïng. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computer, will be able to install and use this software with ease. I recommend the following software këÿlôggêrs as the best for your monitoring needs.

    #2. Hardware këÿlôggêr

    Just like Software këÿlôggêrs Hardware këÿlôggêrs also captures keyboard keystrokes but requires Physical access to victims PC. A Hardware këÿlôggêr is a small hardware just like USB pen-drive with internal memory. These are available in 2 types: PS2 and USB.

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    PS2 këÿlôggêr is plugged inline between a computer keyboard and a computer. They log all keyboard activity to their internal memory. Whereas USB këÿlôggêr is just a USB Stick that can capture everything a user does on the System

    Phishing – Create Fake Facebook Login page

    When it comes to hâckïng any password protected user accounts on website such as Facebook, The most common and the oldest method is phishing. No matter how much knowledge you have about phishing, one single mistake can get your account compromised. There are several ways of phishing that can be deployed, to hack almost any account. But The most popular type of phishing that can hack Facebook account passwords involves creating a fake login page of Facebook and sending this fake page to your victim via email. The fake login page looks exactly like original one, but instead of sending your information to Facebook’s server, it will send it to the hacker. In other words, when victim logs-in on this page using his Facebook credentials, the hacker gets his or her account details in his email or FTP account. have a look at the below snapshot of phishing email intended to hack Facebook account.


    As you can see above, The hacker just tricked his victim in such a way that the fake login page of Facebook appears to be the legitimate one. The disadvantage of this method is, its pretty difficult to trick people with fake login page because everyone is aware of it. This Method could be the ideal one, when it comes to hâckïng ‘Facebook Mobile‘ user because hardly anyone checks the URL of login page, isn’t it?. To know more and learn how to create fake login page read our earlier post below:

    Using Victims Mobile to RESET Facebook Password

    Facebook mobile password recoveryPlease not that this method involves Password Resetting ie. you will never get to know the Original Password, instead you will be resetting your victims password. If you can get access to your victims Mobile than this method is the proficient way to hack your friends Facebook account or the best way to take revenge of your girlfriend / boyfriend. First go to “forgot my password page” of Facebook and enter the mobile number of your victim. Once Facebook identifies the account, click ‘This is my account” and choose “Send me sms” way to recover the password and follow the standard recovery process.
    Stealing facebook cookies of your victim
    Using this method you will just get control on your victims Facebook account, and not account details. Before we begin, let us see what is cookie?:
    A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is a file of text sent by a website to a web browser. The Browser Stores it and They are then sent back unchanged by the browser every time it connects to that Website.
    Cookie is used for authentication, identification of a user session, user’s preferences, etc. Cookies are not software. They can’t carry viruses. However, they can be used by këÿlôggêrs to track user’s browsing activities. Cookies could also be stolen by hackers to gain access to a victim’s web account and this concept is known as Cookiestealing. So in short, If you always prefer to stay logged in to your Facebook account on your PC, i can easily steal your Browser cookie and use your login session at my end. However if you are using Facebook on a secure connection (HTTPS), then it’s not possible for me to hack your account.

    Revealing saved Facebook passwords from web browsers.

    I think even noob’s must be knowing this method, But i had to include this. Ever wanted to reveal your brothers/sisters Facebook password? well its just few steps away. Just follow the steps to reveal saved passwords in your Browser:

    Chrome: Goto tools >> Options >> Personal Stuff >> Manage saved Passwords
    FireFox: Goto tools >> Options >> Security >> saved Passwords

    Stupid IE: Who Cares ?

    Bypassing Facebooks Security Question
    Some Facts about Facebook hâckïng:

    There are hundreds of scam websites that claim to be the experts in Facebook password hâckïng and are ready to hack any account for Money. Many people fall prey to these websites and lose their hard-earned money. Never trust any Website that provides Facebook hâckïng service.

    I have already revealed in my last post that, There is no ready-made Facebook hâckïng software that is available to hack Facebook password. These are completely fake software’s. Please Stay away from websites that claim to hack Facebook account using victims profile ID.
    When Facebook rolled out its new email (messaging) service, some smart hackers registered cool email addresses like password.recovery@phcorner.net, recover.password@phcorner.net, etc. and now they are using these accounts to trick facebook users. This is commonly used social engineering skill in an attempt to know someones password. You will often see such fake articles about Facebook hâckïng. They usually tell you something like this: “you need to send an email to recover.password@facebook along with your username, password and your victims username or profile id”. Never indulge in such scams.
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