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How do men act or feel when they fall in love?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jeanh, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. How do men act or feel when they fall in love?
    How do you act around her? What is different with the way you treat her? Do you become fearful? Do you express your love every moment possible?

    As it is an explosion of feelings.
    Suddenly someone is so important that he'll stop eating, playing FIFA on PS3 to pick up her phone, he'll LISTEN to what she says (true story).

    He'll do things to impress her, for that he'll also google 'how to be chivalrous', because good impressions matter.

    Opening doors, picking up the bill for the first date while not being too pushy and letting her pay if she insists, these scenarios play in his head while he is carefully adding things in the: to do and NOT to do list (self notes for a better you).


    He notices things about women.. ahem.. his date that he never did before...
    • Shoes
    • Hairdo
    • Dress
    • Eyes
    Because he has to come out with a compliment. It has to be genuine, yet meaningful, it doesn't have to be about beauty although he will feel she is theprettiest thing ever.
    He has to do all this, while appearing confident and not feel shy, BE YOURSELF..Women love confidence (Mental self note #1)

    Being in love is tough. :D

    He has to clean up, and clean up good. He should smell nice, he should wear comfortable clothes, of course iron them too, he needs six pack abs too.. just kidding, but trust me it will cross his mind (mental self note#6: start exercising)
    he has to do all this.. and get there to pick her up on time (the to do list)
    and of course, open up the door.

    In short, someone is now the center of your attention, men screw up, everybody screws up, but both the partners are doing their best to offer themselves to each other. Both of them have their ways to express how much they love each other. But it is a nice feeling.
    • It makes you think of your actions, and how it affects people. (remember that to do list, it also includes be nice to waiters, tip well for a nice service). Love makes you think about ways how you could screw up. And avoiding them is now a priority.
    • You see yourself in a new way, suddenly it isn't just 'you' , there is someone who you love too. (means YOU will think about her a lot. A LOT)
    • You may plan activities revolving around her, of course you do.. you love her.. you want her to be around.
    • Yes, she is treated differently. She becomes a priority.
    • Being fearful? That happens too, but I feel it happens in any case where you love someone, including your mum. You feel responsible for your actions.
    I guess that says it all. The answer might be very incoherent, thinking about someone and writing an answer is tough. I can't remember things off my 'to do list' easily, I tried my best. Suggestions are welcome. :D

    Love "its mens fear and womens boldness" if you sense anything same in you or your partner.You are in love

    Heart beats faster + instant smile when we see her. Gravity like attraction (when we walk towards each other, we can't walk fast enough, and we can't help touching her). Periodic gaze at her. Super enhanced protective instinct. We long to smell her. Our core gets warm, the world becomes more colorful, the sounds more distinct, and we feel like skipping sometimes.
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  2. I felt in-love twice, and it feels like orgasmic. :playful:
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