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Food and Recipe Hototay Soup

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by Jeanh, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]

    ¼ kilo all-lean. Boil to tenderness in 500 ml. tap water added with
    2 grams fine salt &
    2 grams ground black pepper
    Once done, remove from broth cut to cubes.
    Broth will be used as the main soup later.
    1 small *phcorner*, de-boned and cubed.
    6 pieces, head & tail cut, de-shelled, de-veined.
    Pork Liver:
    100 grams, sliced.

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    1 piece, scrambled, fried, sliced thinly.
    100 grams sliced cabbage
    50 grams cubed “sayote”
    50 grams sliced carrots
    1 medium white onion sliced roundedly
    2 bunches cleaned “baby bok choy” or Chinese Pechay, end joint-stalk cut
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    Other Ingredients:
    10 ml. “patis” (fish sauce)
    15 ml. EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
    2 grams fine salt
    2 grams ground black pepper
    3 ml. sesame oil

    (for truer flavor rounded-ness, please follow the sequence closely)
    1. In suitable pan, fry chicken cubes in heated EVOO. Toss & tumble until brown-about 5-8 minutes or to desired done-ness. (this process fries & cooks the chicken to palatability).
    2. Add in boiled lean pork, carrots, “sayote”, sprinkle salt & pepper on top. Continue tossing for 5 minutes. (this cooks the otherwise tough carrots & “sayote” while disseminating to the whole batch the flavor of seasoned-boiled taste of pork while, also, all tossed ingredients absorb salt & pepper)
    3. Add in white onion, shrimp and liver. Tumble for 2 minutes. (almost last stage of sautéing as onion, shrimp & liver are softer & cook easily)
    4. Add ½ of “patis”. Continue mixing well. (salt renders saltiness in full while “patis” shares off little saltiness & full seafood-or fish- flavor).
    5. Set aside.
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    6. Summon the pork broth and bring to boil.
    7. Once boiling, pour in cabbage and “baby bok choy”.
    8. Add in remaining ½ of “patis” and cook veggies in boiling broth for 15 seconds. (over boiling green veggies will render “un-palatable sight” to dishes.
    9. Pour unto desired serving bowl, arrange veggies and meat to be “desirably sumptuous to the eyes”.
    10. Scatter sliced scrambled egg…pour in sesame oil.
    11. Enjoy the bliss of healthy offering.
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    1. I did not add mushroom pieces. It’s your choice.
    Should you wish, you can add such together with the batch of onion, shrimp etc.
    2. I did not add garlic and green onion leaves as doing so
    will make the HOTOTAY tastes like “MAMI”. But again, your choice.
    3. Oyster sauce (IMHO) will render the dish a “stew” like profile and NOT “soup”.
    1. Add in boiled noodles, “chicharon crumbs”, fried garlic & sliced green onion leaves on top will make it…like…
    2. Change pork into fried ground beef (with little of its oil), add noodles of your choice
    and top with green onion leaves’ slices for…the now very famous…
  2. Thanks for sharing :)
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