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Opera Mini Mod HOT! Opera Mini 4.2 MultiOperator | sê×ÿ Meg Imperial Splash | Globe & Smart | 5/22/13

Discussion in 'Modded Mobile Application' started by LordRein, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. LordRein of PHC Coderz Presents,

    Opera Mini 4.2 MultiOperator | sê×ÿ Meg Imperial Splash | Globe & Smart | 5/22/13 :D

    Comes with 3 Different Hot 'n sê×ÿ Splash! :woot:








    Opera Mini 4.2 Multi Operator

    1. Meg Imperial Hot Splash
    2. Latest PreSet Tricks For Globe (4G, GMS, Freezone) and Smart (Smart MMS)
    3. Chrome User Agent
    4. Turbo 3.0
    5. Anti-Joystick
    6. Textbox
    7. ScreenShooter
    8. Minimizable Application
    9. Opera Turbo Start Page - For Faster Browsing! (y)

    1. For Globe, Connect w/ this settings:
    APN: http.globe.com.ph
    Port: 80

    2. For Smart, Connect w/ your Smart MMS setting

    3. See Attachments for .txt File Containing Download Links

    4. After Downloading, Remove .zip Extension Using any Mobile File Manager. Don't Extract! Just Rename.

    5. Press and Hold 7 key to Edit ScreenShot Settings. Press and Hold 9 key to take Screenshots.

    6. Hit Like for Appreciation (y)

    7. Enjoy! :D

    Credits to the ff:

    PHC Coderz


    And to All Modders (y)​

    Attached Files:

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  2. matry nga di naman
    reply ako kung working
    dichelle likes this.
  3. Talk n Text ay Smart din ..try mu nalang dre (y)
    dichelle and renegade24winzam like this.
  4. yung custm server ang nakalagay anu yung gagawin ko
    dun sir dre ?,.
  5. sayang wala akong cp na pwede ang operamini
    dichelle likes this.
  6. let me try! pero mg.download ng. opera mini. 4.2 multiops? pa help po!
    dichelle and renegade24winzam like this.
  7. pa try aq......thanks bossin.....
    dichelle likes this.
  8. Para xa mga manyakiz go! hahaha nc1 pre
    dichelle likes this.
  9. D nalang nilagay site eh pahirap lng hayzt
    dichelle and mikejafz like this.
  10. maka dl po bato boss? pa try po nito:D
  11. nagana pa poh b ang smartmms ngayon sir?
  12. patry... .thanksssssssss
  13. Pa.try nga nito boss sana working at mablis...hehehe... Tnx...
  14. patry pooooooooooooooooooo
  15. patry po............................................................
  16. try! Ko! Po! Sa!la!mat! P0!
  17. pa try nga pu aCu...p.p.......salamat..'''''''''''''''
  18. pa try
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