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Tutorial Home made signal booster antenna WORKING tutorial

Discussion in 'Mobile Broadband Modems' started by mikedota2, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. ETO Siya mga bossing :happy:

    Mga gamit na kaiLangan (y)

    * 14,15 inch piece of iron wire. (Huwag gumamit ng tanso)
    * A 2 piece connector block. (Used to extend electric cables)
    * A small bolt and nut that fits through the whole of the “chocolate block.
    * 32 feet of coax cable. (Don’t increasing the length of the cable, shortening it is okay thou)
    * A piece of water pipe.
    * A piece of plastic. (I used an ice-ream container)

    Pagawa ng Signal Booster (y)
    Straiten the wire with pliers and bend it exactly in the center at a 90 degree angle. Measure 3.54 inches from the bend on both sides and bend inwards at 90 degrees. Bend the edges of the wire inwards on both sides again at 90 degrees 3.14 inches away from the last bend.

    Insert the connector block to the ends of the wire and tighten it with a screw driver
    Saw one side of the pipe in half and make a whole on the other side in the center. The whole should just be big enough for the bolt to go through. After placing the bolt inside the whole, insert the “chocolate block” on top and tighten with the nut.

    Connecting the coax cable ( Cable wire ) (y)
    Strip the one end of the coax cable and separate the inner and outer wires. Connect the inner wires
    to one side of the “chocolate block” and the outer wires to the other side.

    Place the GSM antenna on your TV antenna pole facing the same direction and lead the cable into the house.
    Strip the other end of the coax cable and separate the wires inside again. This time you need to cut away the outer wires since you won’t need them. Take the piece of plastic and cut it in the shape you desire. Make a small hole on one end and stick the inner wire of the coax cable through.
    You can wrap the whole thing in tape like I did if you’d like.
    Last ilagay ang broadband sa naka wrap na tape

    RESULT (y)


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    Last edited: Oct 8, 2013
  2. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    LTE talaga ha :)
    nice (y)

    Thread Moved.
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  3. Opo bossing, baka may mga LTE users diyan na mahina signal, ok siya (y)
    Lalo na sa mga 3G users :D

    EXTRAFLY Addict Established

    ano po ba pinagkaiba ng lte & hspa+??
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  5. Mas mabilis bossing ang LTE po, yan po ang pinaka latest na signal sa pinas
    at sa piling lugar lang po, check this out boss if kasama ka sa LTE coverage spot
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    EXTRAFLY Addict Established

    ang hspa+ kasi boss sakop pa talaga sya ng 3g network lte talaga ang 4g...
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  7. Opo bossing, parang ang 3G- EDGE, WCDMA, HSPDA and HSPDA+, Yung 4G- naman LTE wala pa yatang LTE+ haha :LOL:
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    EXTRAFLY Addict Established

    boss ang huawei e357 ba pwede sumagap ng lte signal?ganyan din kasi dashboard ko openline na po sya anong model po yan...
  9. Baka pwede yan bossing e359 ang model ko bossing
  10. ayos to bro mikedota2 ahaha iba talaga ang pnoy XD madiskarte (y)
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    EXTRAFLY Addict Established

    e359 pala nasagap ng lte, series 86 din ba yan?
  12. gagawin ko ito otor.gustong gusto ko magkaroon ng malakas na signal sa amin.keep on sharing.
  13. nice share boss(y) gamitin natin ito :)
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  14. yalnhoj

    yalnhoj Grasshopper Established

    ss mo naman ang before na walang pang device para makita natin kung gaano kataas ang na increase.gumawa na kasi ako ng satelite disck sa amin utp cable gamit ko wala parin signal talaga sa smart pang cp lang.kung cp nman 2/3 bars lang talaga
  15. Oo bossing, pero original na huwaei siya, hindi tatak smart,globe or sun
  16. Sige bossing, working po yan (y)
  17. Yes bossing (y)
  18. Salamat boss, working yan, yan exacto ginawa ko (y)
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  19. paano econnect ang broadband sa wire??
  20. pa request nga bro haha, kakahiyan naman :P uhmm, video tutorial nga haha, hirap akong intindihin XD sige na pls pls pls.. salamat
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